4 Great Honeys

From left to right we have:

Name: Golden Gate Honey
Purchase location: Warming Hut at Chrissy Field
Bee/hive location: Golden Gate Park
Nectar/Plant source: eucalyptus, blackberry
General tasting notes: Not my favorite (as you can see from the amount I used). I was so excited to get, but kind of ho-hum. Probably need to eat it more!

Name: Bill’s Bees Orange Blossom
Purchase location: Los Feliz Farmer’s Market
Bee/hive location: Little Topanga Canyon
Nectar/Plant source: Orange trees
General tasting notes: Pretty good, mild, not that distinctive but not bad

Name: GPH (Glen Park Honey)
Purchase location: Gift from friend who harvests, @aperte
Bee/hive location: Glen Park Canyon, southern San Francisco
Nectar/Plant source: eucalyptus, ceanothys
General tasting notes: Really good – clear, bright, not too sweet, great viscosity, I really taste the eucalytpus here, not the menthol of it, but a kind of bright flavor.

Name: Oakland Raw Honey
Purchase location: SF Underground Food Market (vendor fair thing South of Market maybe 6 months ago)
Bee/hive location: Oakland near Berkeley
Nectar/Plant source: (not stated, but, from the photos I’d say) nasturtium, pear trees, peppers, varieties of South American squashes and vegetables
General tasting notes: My favorite so far- as you can tell from the diminishing bottle. Contact info- http://www.citysown.org. What makes a great honey? I’ve noticed that if I can put it with various dishes, and it doesn’t overwhelm, but enriches, as well as tasting quite well on its own (I’m a spoon-licker). Another backyard production but this honey is by far the best I’ve had and started my hobby hunting down small honey shops for more samples!

My common honey recipes:
– with tea, Earl Grey or black teas
– plain yoghurt and fruit
– yoghurt and granola or meusli
– baking
– around meats as a marinade
– salad dressing
– banana, milk, honey dessert

Interesting for me is that I’ve never been a “add sugar” person, but honey makes me sweeten up most of my dishes, which, if you have some salt or acid, is a very nice combination.

Hives! Photos!

Glen Park hive:

CitysOwn.org‘s beehives

Raw Oakland Honey at SF Underground


  1. Comment by Mhlevine

    Posted on October 25, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    I make a salmon grilling marinade out of honey, dill, and greek yogurt. I make a shrimp marinade out of honey, yuzu juice, and sriracha. My most favorite honey was the California wildflower I got at Whole Foods, but currently it's the jar I got as a present, from the beekeeper who got the 3,000 wild honeybees “rescued” from a window lintel off the loft building that I live in. It's pretty tasty with a hint of spiciness, coming from urban bees with little flora.

  2. Comment by audreyr

    Posted on May 16, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    I obsess over different honeys too. My favorite unexpected combination of food w/ honey is a lavender honey from Puget Sound + coffee

  3. Comment by IDOL HANDS

    Posted on April 13, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    Try the unfiltered Golden Gate, that's what I just tried and it's like CREAM & SUGAR in one spoonful!

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