brogramming, and chickgramming

So, uh, there’s this thing going on right now in tech, that kinda sucks. Well, it’s funny, it’s a stereotype that was created and maintained somewhat faithfully by those that fit in it. But in general, there’s an underlying tone of – let’s keep it in the club.

Brogramming on Quora
Brogramming in a job ad on y-combinator (pulled and reposted by @sarahmei on Diaspora)
Brogramming discussed in Hacker News

As I type this, the most brogrammerish person I know is a female colleague, so maybe it’s not so bad.

I’m more of a “chick-grammer”. What is that?
I usually sport etsy-style homemade knitted apparel while coding (for me, the shaped poncho, see photo)
I readily swivel to chat with coworkers ( I rarely do the headphone thing )
I drink a bottomless cup of coffee, (vs. red bull)
I bike to work and faithfully attend dance class. (vs. pumping iron)
I frequent a divy Chinatown bar where I sing karaoke )(vs. getting crunk at the club)
I wear big clear glasses, um, for prescription reasons. (vs. tinted aviator sunglasses)
I re-share kitty and baby posts. (vs. hip hop song flow charts)
I will be found at cute North Beach cafes, or sitting at kitchen table with cat in lap, which is my current position. (vs. huddled up with blanket on couch)
I like working in 3-4 hour stints with breaks for food, socializing and exercise. (vs. all nighters)

Photo credit to Carina for the photo of Chris Turitzin in my shaped poncho sweater- available for $20!

  • brogramming is pretty funny :) I liked the t-shirt. That being said as a job ad it might be unwise, it can't help but be discriminatory. My option would be to create a universally amusing non sexist term for the kind of geek they are looking for. brogrammers and chickgrammers maybe, they like to get crunked at least once a month seems to bring it all together.

  • Melanie Archer

    I've worked with plenty of brogrammers; some were snarly hipsters I couldn't stand, but others were likably metrosexual, helpful guys who were as eager to discuss bread recipes as they were Node.js. I'm certain most of the latter would be repelled by that juvenile job ad.

    I welcome change to the stereotype that only physically clumsy, autistic nerds have programming competence, but, like you, I wonder if this will become yet another filter keeping diversity out of startups.

  • You're right, it is refreshing in a way. It didn't bother me really until that job posting-- we always use the term in a tongue-and-cheek way at work.The thing is the Facebook leadership is ... unironically brogrammers. So I do see it as a disturbing "inclusiveness" trend of young-white-male-hetero's. Young: you have no other responsibilities, be it children or aging parents. White: you're relatively wealthy and have access to lots of resources. Male/hetereo: into the chicks and a degree of weight-lifting vanity. Still, the most brogrammer I know is a girl, so in reality it's not totally sexist.

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