brogramming, and chickgramming

So, uh, there’s this thing going on right now in tech, that kinda sucks. Well, it’s funny, it’s a stereotype that was created and maintained somewhat faithfully by those that fit in it. But in general, there’s an underlying tone of – let’s keep it in the club.

Brogramming on Quora
Brogramming in a job ad on y-combinator (pulled and reposted by @sarahmei on Diaspora)
Brogramming discussed in Hacker News

As I type this, the most brogrammerish person I know is a female colleague, so maybe it’s not so bad.

I’m more of a “chick-grammer”. What is that?
I usually sport etsy-style homemade knitted apparel while coding (for me, the shaped poncho, see photo)
I readily swivel to chat with coworkers ( I rarely do the headphone thing )
I drink a bottomless cup of coffee, (vs. red bull)
I bike to work and faithfully attend dance class. (vs. pumping iron)
I frequent a divy Chinatown bar where I sing karaoke )(vs. getting crunk at the club)
I wear big clear glasses, um, for prescription reasons. (vs. tinted aviator sunglasses)
I re-share kitty and baby posts. (vs. hip hop song flow charts)
I will be found at cute North Beach cafes, or sitting at kitchen table with cat in lap, which is my current position. (vs. huddled up with blanket on couch)
I like working in 3-4 hour stints with breaks for food, socializing and exercise. (vs. all nighters)

Photo credit to Carina for the photo of Chris Turitzin in my shaped poncho sweater- available for $20!