Day 3: No Social Media – Why Are We Obsessed With Facebook?

I really almost buckled last night. Was definitely super tempted to log on and check out what everyone is doing.

I’ve had to log in once or twice with work, because, well I write Facebook apps. I have a few very limited test accounts that I use for work, so those have allowed me to work.

Anyway, a couple of things I noticed in my own behavior:
– I’ve returned to old hobbies/activities. Cryptoquiz in the Sunday paper! Monster Sudoku!
– Getting little errands and tasks done- sending packages, composting, sweeping, etc.
– Sharing in a more thoughtful way, vs. transient and short-lived. Corresponding longer, and more detail, to my sister, brother, friend, ex-boyfriend.

Why Are We Obsessed With Facebook (Part 1)
So I have this huge theory that I’m working on- perhaps it’s more a hypothesis – about social relationships and technology.

Given historical perspective, social networks are so compelling to us because we no longer live in a rich social fabric.

Basically, we don’t live in three generation households anymore. Our village – the cul-de-sac or suburb- is pristine to the point of being lifeless and dead, a stark contrast to the medieval village, or even where my Swedish relatives live, a tight knit enclave where windows lookout on windows and neighbors interact daily.

The nuclear family, suburbs, and driving, have separated us. Now, we search, nay we long, for human connection. Presenting: Facebook.

It’s not that simple, in a way the hardest thing is getting along with your family and neighbors. Long relationships with people you didn’t choose. Technology enables to select friends and manage the relationship precisely with “privacy options.”

Anyway, that’s part of the theory. I’ll continue tomorrow.