No Social Network Day 8: “Reading Emails”

Wow, one of the biggest impacts of not reading social networks is that I’m getting much better at reading emails. If anyone has been in an online email thread with me, or on chat, they know I’m “concise to the point of being totally misunderstood,” or something along those lines, my sister Sally told me once. So, I’m reading, and re-reading (because nothing else is going on) emails. I’m including things I think are obvious, I’m acknowledging their point of view, I’m opening up other options, etc. It’s resulted in great things so far – smoothing out ruffled feathers, lining up travel plans, figuring out better logistics. Yay. To the art of the slow read.

The reason I think this is – because I was a little over-ambitious in how much I thought I could handle. Having 500 FB friends and 1800 Twitter friends, a busy inbox and various mailing lists… it’s not that it’s overwhelming, it’s just that I may be a bit disconnected in how I appear, and how I communicate.

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