My Talk at Women Who Code: Winning!

Last Tuesday I spoke on “Winning! At Hackfests” for Women Who Code. 12-15 lightening rounds of women talking about coding. It was really awesome! Favorites: using genetic algorithms to solve computing problems, and digital visualization.

Back to me. Ever since seeing myself on cable access, singing and dancing in a musical at the age of 12, I’ve really cringed whenever I see myself on screen. Mostly because of the disconnect between how I think I appear, and how I really appear. Not that I’m judging the quality of my haircut or anything. It’s just that the brain can be talked into things, etc. But this, oddly, is pretty much how I see myself, ha. I’m moving around bit and the the sync is a bit off, but I got my views across pretty clearly. Note to self: practicing really helps.

The rest of the talks are up too- enjoy: women who code videos via @elsagold