No Social Networks Countdown: 2 Days

Wow, 2 days to go.

In retrospect, I’m loving the following (about this blackout):

– Discovering some great writing (Jezebel, xojane, bookslut, burrito justice)
– Amazing IRL times with good friends, neighbors, family members
– I revamped the style of this blog
– I have been reading so many entertaining blogs (see above) that I’ve re-confirmed my feminism and local activism, and local history (see: My Cool 1940s Neighbors)
– I’ve been treating LinkedIn as Facebook, and it’s rejuvenated my professional network, including opportunities.
– In general I’ve been reaching out a lot more actively, instead of passively. So that has made a ton of relationships a lot better.

I’m continuing my ideas of Friend Anxiety and “Facebook Fatigue” over at my Storify article.

I’m kicking off an “end of Lent” party (that’s Easter to you Philistines) at Zeitgeist with board games. Come on down if you’re interested. 2-3ish.