Facebook Mobile App in 20, no 7, Minutes

I’m speaking at the AT & T HTML5 Hackathon tonight, and here are my slides, and basically my entire presentation.


Facebook has a nifty Mobile Web SDK and tutorial, and that’s what I’m going to make. The application– a simple “find fun posts on Facebook about unicorns and ponies”. I had fun making it. I just timed myself and it was 5:30 minutes, so hopefully… if I can control the digressions and asides, might be able to do it. This is a reprise of two different talks- “Facebook in 20 minutes” for Momentus- the app was called “Popularity”, and judged your popularity on the size of your friend list. Then, re-did that talk for Women2/SF WoW, called “Facebook in 20 MInutes”. That app was “I’m Pregnant!” determining if you were talking more about babies and congratulations on your feed. Both server-side PHP SDK tutorials, with open graph and authentication. Mobile Web is far easier to setup, so in a way halving this talk makes sense.


  • Become a Facebook developer
  • Setup your server with a directory for your app (SSL too)
  • Setup the FB app
  • Deal with logging in
  • API-Graph call
  • Social Channels