MMS with AT & T Platform SDK

Finally figured this out and thought I’d blog about it.

You’re setting up a short-code listening MMS app. Keep in mind:

– The receiving (server) script should handle $_POST to the address
– Setup that script in the developer portal’s app page
– I included a lot of server logging (manually) in the script
– With the Sencha front-end, I re-wrote the image files to the client directory /assets/data/ etc. I json-encoded (was in a custom DB format in the example)
– The format of the incoming MMS data is very… customized. So I output to a log, then used as a test format. That decreases the expense of testing with real MMS messages.
– Basically, you find the filename, content-type, and base64 actual image data, and write that to your own custom datastructure.

I can post sample code, but my working versions are at:

Basically it’s the developer API’s 3rd example MMS app receiver file:

With a lot of logging, json-encoding, and redirecting to another file save path.

Here is a test file you can use.