Train Travel – SF to New Orleans

Tucson, Arizona sunset

The Route

I took the Coast Starlight to Los Angeles, then the Sunset Limited from LA to New Orleans, and then back again 4 days later. A total of 10 days, mostly spent on the train. Coach class to Los Angeles, which was 13 hrs, and then sleeper (smallest/cheapest) to New Orleans, which was 2 days.

Texas thunderstorm

The Slow Pace

I loved the timing- slow. You were forced to slow yourself down. 3 hours, before the trip, I could cram with errands and tasks, emails, conversations, work. During vacation, 3 hours meant looking out the window. Picking up a book, putting it down. Getting coffee. In First Class (sleeper) we had meals included, so we were almost timed to the schedule of the dining car and reservations. I didn’t go online at all, if but to post the occasional photo on Facebook. Staring out the window, playing gin and chess, and drinking a cocktail or juice, those were my biggest activities. Or, napping, sleeping, chatting with other travelers. It was almost like you were taken back to a pre-digital/pre-car era.

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