The Job Flux, and Helping Others

Sadly, I was laid off last week. The job flux causes so much stress and anxiety. It’s hard getting back into job hunting- selling yourself, brushing up on skills, the sheer work of it. And, as an introvert I’m just not up to interacting all day long with people. On top of that, it’s the first day of no health care, and yesterday I spent literally the entire day hunting down my options. Lots of paperwork, and lots of talking to folks. Make sure to find here every vitamin you need to keep healthy.

I’ve started meditating more consistently, each morning around 10 AM, 15 minutes. I’m not really trying hard, just giving my mind space to be free of things, be in the moment, which sometimes is just slowly petting my cat. So yeah, she loves it and crawls in my lap the minute I sit down.

Nothing has really come out of this but a warm-up for the day. That is, until this morning. My thoughts- before they turned to little bubbles to be burst off in the air (meditation visualization)- kept going to friends and acquaintances. Their needs, their wants, what I could do for them. I got happy, and I noticed my happiness. I started thinking, what if I make a to do list of things I can do for my friends? I can’t tell you how this energized me.

I had a really creative idea for a friend who is changing her career. I dropped her a note to mention it during our drinks tomorrow night. Then, yes, I need to write up some recommendations for fellow co-workers at our company that were also laid off. My friend who was laid off a few months ago- we really need to get coffee. I love having the support of my fellow laid off coworkers, and can help her in this way, though she’s in a different industry. I helped coach a friend the other day with the tools of the job hunt, and now we have a meeting coming up in a few days I need to prep for.

It rejuvenated my job hunt to do a bulleted list of tasks for others. Then, by the end of the morning I had a few more follow-up interviews and correspondence!