Announcing BroSphere’s First Diversity Chief!

I am delighted to announce I’m joining BroSphere as a the new Diversity Chief!

I’m prepared for big changes here. Don’t tell anyone, but soon we’ll go IPO so we are prioritizing DEI as 10th in our priority list (finally!). The performance reviews I’ve seen have shown me just what challenges I face. A few folks were terminated because code wasn’t “up to Chad’s level,” of quality. So I can really focus on Chad and make sure he is being really fair. I’m so excited (and I bet he is) to partner with me.

Optics are important, so I’m going to make sure all of the photos on our website include people of color! Let’s show people a great “front door.” I’m going to get our female engineer, Karen, to interview every candidate so they know we are diverse. I’m also going to ask her to write me a status report on her feelings of inclusion every hour to make sure I have a pulse on the heart of this place! I want her to feel included!

Next, I’m going to make sure each internship is represented by a woman or person of color. They can get the coffee, fix the typos, and do some really important reformatting work at BroSphere, and show everyone how diverse and inclusive we are! (optics are important!)

That reminds me of our 10th (!!!!) place priority and sponsorship in the C-level support and initiative. I have work there too, as our C Suite, and all top management I think, is white, and male, but that’s just what engineering is. YOU try to hire women! I’ll talk to the only woman in engineering (Karen) again about how to get the C-suite more diverse, I’m sure she’ll have time and ideas! I want to make sure our job posts aren’t sexist (boo). I know that using “rock star” is bad. But we are intense here, and we have Rock Star in the kitchen along with PS5 and an Xbox, so… might make an exception :)

We get a “Women In Engineering” dinner funded each year, and I think I can bump that up to each quarter. For now, Karen and I will just get a glass of rosé after work and I can hear her inclusion report in person! I can’t expense that yet, but I am hoping to sneak it in as “mental health services”! I am already optimizing LOL.

The Women in Engineering Employee Research Group (ERG) is such an active and fun place! It’s mostly a “Women at the Company” since we only have one woman in engineering (Karen, again), but sure, HR, product and design and Accounts Payable count, use software day to day, so they count, right? I need to remind them anything written against company standards needs to be reported with HR. I’ll add a giphy to make it more relatable!

I am so busy already. I will be fired if we don’t get to 50% women to men ratio in engineering by next week. I wonder if Karen has friends.. I’ll post more later! Need to find Karen, the only woman in engineering. Is she crying in the bathroom? Luckily it’s a private space (optics are important!) got to make sure she goes to this happy hour and *represents*!!!

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