Thread found on my phone yesterday

Emerson bro answer
Dad has my switch 🙁
When do u get it back?
He says when he has a job.
Dude my mom needs a job. she wont buy me bux either
F*&(&*(&*( We need robux!!
Keep it clean Im on my moms phone. I need 100k robux for that dope dope skin
How much $$ is that
I don’t know. 20?
I’m googling “mom get a job” wait wait “and dad” what does your dad do?
He says he makes app pretty. What does your mom do?
She makes apps
I have an idea. Look at Robloxs site. Do they have jobs? Here’s one. Uh, something about apps in it.
How do you get a job?
I don’t know. She said she sends resume? or something
what is that
I can’t find hers on this computer.
Can we just write a new one?
Yeah let’s write one.
What do we put in it?
“Get me a job. I rock”
“I’m the GOAT”
Where do we put it. “Upload” is that it?
OK. now what


Do one for my dad!!!

Right. If they both get jobs we can get $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Robux!!! AT Roblox!!!

Wait she just got a thingie, a nottification
It says saw LinkedIn… talk tomorrow. what do I say
tomorrow isn’t good we have a feild trip
tell them to talk later u r busy
ok i gave them her number.
wait my mom is facetiming me 1 minute
she was mad we did it but got the call and having it now
my dad is calling too
he said he has an interview too $$$
what the hell
she is getting me 10,000 Robux :) “ha ha L boso”
wow this is crazy
if we get them better jobs can they get us more robux
no they would spend it on food.
should we try?
no not now, time to play!