He is busy

No, he cannot talk now, he is busy. He is working.
No, he cannot attend the monthly meeting of his teachers and fellow parents, where we find out if the school is closing because he is busy.
No he can’t take a lunch break and meet his kid to walk him to after care because he is busy.
No, he is unable to do a monthly meeting to determine distribution of money to resources in our school because he is busy.
No, you cannot have his number to contact him for donating $10 to his teacher’s thank you gift. He is busy.
No, you will not see him at the recital of his child playing an instrument. He is busy.
No, he will not represent his child’s culture in the cultural fair even though we have different cultures. Even though his ethnicity has never been at a fair. He is busy.
I juggle the dentist, the orthodontist, the general doctor, the school volunteering, the donations, the appreciations, the graduations. I also work 40 hours a week, sometimes 60. I am responsible for cleaning the house, do laundry, cook dinner, pay bills, and buy his mother a Mother’s Day gift. I also field requests for his time.
But he is busy.

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