Morning Routine

Ladies, I’m struggling with work-life balance at work with two little ones, please send me your routines!

I wake at 8 AM, feed my kids and get them to school. Then I have coffee and breakfast, my “me time!” and start work.

I wake at 7 AM, get the kids up and feed/bathe, drive to school then work from home.

I wake at 5 AM, exercise, wake the kids, morning nanny arrives, I work while she takes them to school. I take meetings at 8 AM

I wake at 3 AM, exercise, eat, wake the kids, clothe, feed them and morning nanny takes to school. I crash at 8 PM.

I dress the kids for the next day, they crash at some point while I work. They have a mini-fridge and checked in last Wednesday. Wait, is it Thursday?

We can sleep when we’re dead.

AI organizes our life so I can read on the porch and stare at the sunset. The apocalypse is nigh.