About Banane

Banane means banana in French and German. It means something crass in Turkish. Banane.com originally hosted a webisodic called Lava Lounge, then my reviews of Dot Com parties (scrounging.org) with a friend (hey there Pockets Le Roy). Then, banane.com evolved into a local blog on living in North Beach and downtown.

It also hosts some of my murder mysteries:
iMurder & Killerizr.

I’ve written a few novels, and a few screenplays- one of my favorites Jiu Jin Shan, about China invading San Francisco. If you’re interested- check out my writing projects. I’ve done professional writing for MarketingSherpa, MarketingProfs, my top marketing blog “Adventures in Email Marketing,” food writing for Michelin, and years of (my life lost doing) technical writing.

I’m a geek- I’ve made some apps. Yep. Check out the mobile projects.

I’m raising a son in SF now and continuing my passions: local history, karaoke and pointless Internet arguments.