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Posted by banane on March 20th, 2007 — in

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  • mel

    wow--we sure use this site often, don't we :)

    that's right, you read it correctly: :)

    now that I know how you read smileys I'll use them often :) :)

  • banane

    Let's discuss @ the next one, how's that? I think we're OK going into 2008 but didn't think about it much after that. MOm did this list not me so I'm not guilty of any errors :)

  • Melanie

    the has some problems.

    Roger's last turn was in April, so he shouldn't really be on the list until the end, just before Al....hey, I thought you were trying to do this geographically. Melanie and Al shouldn't be next to each other.!! Suggestion: put Bev in Roger's place, and then....well, I guess east bayers just outnumber all the rest of you. haha!! I actually don't mind if Roger goes again so soon, but he might........

  • this is a greatidea. I love it. Everyone can check it whenever they want to.

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