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  • What I do is Order

    What I do is Order New acquaintance, at dinner last night, looked at me oddly inspired, as I ordered, and said, “You should get a job, doing that.” What did we order? shrimp curry (panang) spring rolls papaya salad chicken something (I did not order it). Not that sophisticated of me, but I guess it […]

  • Murder on Amtrak

    This has nothing to do with my blog, but I have to write it down to remind myself how incredibly odd it is. At work, I got this in my inbox. My dad’s train ended up getting in last night at 2 AM… For those of you who remember his arrival last time, you are […]

  • Politics: I love harry taylor

    photo from crooks & liars from read originally on crooks & liars The comments here are funny. ” Q I’ve got the mike. THE PRESIDENT: Okay, yes, very good. (Laughter and applause.) Good move. Q You never stop talking about freedom, and I appreciate that. But while I listen to you talk about freedom, […]

  • De Young, Locks, MOMA

    The new (to me) de Young, and SF MOMA My mom and I went to the new De Young and was duly amazed, but I have these comments, good and bad. – I saw it at maximum capacity. It was the first day of this crazy floral bouquet show, and every square inch was crowded […]

  • Have You Thought of Dance? Or, in Memoriam: Gail Kelly

    Have You Thought of Dance? Or, in Memoriam: Gail Kelly A famous Anthro teacher of my time, from my alma mater, Reed College, died, and I just found out about it. Her name was Gail Kelly, and she was a big deal in school, and, even though I never had her as a teacher, she […]

  • Hometown Mall, Big Gusts

    from abc news Big Gusts I waited out the 6:30-8:00 freakish windstorm last night. I was at work in Emeryville, and it felt like either some giant was stompong on our ceiling, or a few sound blasts were happening in the parking lot. These old warehouse buildings don’t do well with 60+mph winds, it was […]

  • Being an Amuhrikan

    being an American Recently I was thinking about how patriotic I am. – I drink a lot of coffee. For those who remember the Boston tea party(or reading it, vs. living it) the unfair taxes on tea, etc., and how Amuhrikans started drinking coffee instead, they will know that this is a truly patriotic move. […]

  • Zombie Flash Mob & Life is Cruel

    From This guy’s Flickr account life is cruel It’s a beautiful, beautiful day out and I’m trapped inside doing work!!! I went out to get an amazing scherma, from 901 Columbus Cafe (I love it when nothing in the title informs you that amazing middle-eastern food is near). So go there, get the slightly overpriced, […]

  • Astrology, Meyer-Briggs, and Blog update

    Driving home at night across the bay bridge Astrology It’s weird how eeriely right it can be. I mean, I put in way too many hours at work today and I log on and see my astrology post for tomorrow, and it’s like, you’ve put in far too many hours at work… Your usually abundant […]

  • Bar Pilots, Citizen Thai & Biscuit Day

    What if your walk to work was sailing? Hmmm… I just want to shout out again to my buddies over at the Maritime Museum in the lobby of the Argonaut Hotel on Beach Street at Hyde: dude, that video of the harbor pilot rocks!!! Went to Citizen Monkey, Noodle Bar last night, they’re open somewhat […]