Author: anna

  • Channelling Christopher Cross

    Channelling Christopher Cross Sailing takes me away from where I’m going ba-da-da-da all caught up in a reverie all I … is a symphony …. (forget the words) Went sailing from Oyster Pt. to The Ramp thanks to Cap’t Engine Cleaner. My pirate name is Capt’ Hot Box. We got on a giggle attack about […]

  • Chameleon

    Near Pacific & Taylor, Name Escapes Me Chameleon The writer’s cafe. OK so I’ve figured out that it’s got great feng shui, mellow tunes, and big windows for people-watching, all the great ingredients for a perfect writing spot. And guess what? Others have too. Dagnabbit. I overheard two people behind me last night discussing their […]

  • The New and the Old in North Beach

    LEO RIP So I got an email from my Dad, who loves my neighborhood, about the death of Leo Rocca. Leo’s parents started Rocca’s, a bar very close to my house, and the one that has the sign “where locals and tourists meet.” Great obituary, and sad that Leo has passed away. The sign above […]

  • Walking to Work, Notes from Hunt

    Walking to Work I actually drive two days a week, then I walk to a cafe the other days. So I’m splitting up the definition of “walk to work,” this blog’s original intention, to my two jobs. I actually tried to take photos out of the car window as I was on the Bay Bridge […]

  • Earthquakes and Floods

    FYI: there are no serious earthquakes going on at this time. whew. And I’m in an “optional” flood zone. Not a place that requires flood insurance, but it’s optional. Nice to know, I guess. Just glad I’m on the second floor. This is rash of catastrophic thinking due to the fact that I had only […]

  • Chinatown Hunt!

    Ah, we finished completely, but opted not to make the 9pm deadline, and instead eat some food. The hour or so eating put us off the schedule. We arrived at the end, with our completed scorecard in hand, to a totally empty plaza! We encountered some “regular” hunt folks and actually helped them with the […]

  • SF Citizen Accoutrements

    SF Citizen Accoutrements Things you must have if you are a SF resident (and/or give you away as a SF townie): – MUNI Pass, monthly, in front of wallet behind plastic – Trader Joe’s canvas bag (or) plastic mexican multi-colored bag – resident’s card for discounts! – thorough knowledge of street cleaning schedules in the […]

  • Random Notes About Town

    Random Notes About Town I’ve been super busy and believe it or not, unable to write my usual myopic opinings about local SF life. Well here are some tidbits that I just can’t hold back. DPW Walking home late from union square, ran into a DPW (department of public works) van and guy on Stockton […]

  • Saturday, In the Park

    No interesting factoids today. It’s a gorgeous day! I used vinegar to clean my floor! I’m going on a bike ride! Hanging on the wharf! Oh, I saw a real longshoreman Thursday. Black cap, peacoat, duffel bag slung over his shoulder. In fact, he must be an actor. I mean, there are no real live […]

  • Embarcadero, Palace of Fine Arts, Blossoms

    How beautiful is Embarcadero? I rode to the Embarcadero Y and back this afternoon. I had to tangle with cars once in a while, but in general it was just amazing to be out on this beautiful, sunny, day, biking on a long stretch alongside the sparkling bay, the bridge, the big arrow and bow […]