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  • No! Not the SFC! (strong female character)… enter, the Lady Boss

    The other day I put it out there on Twitter: find me a TV series that has a executive-level female character without a fatal flaw (I’ll nickname her Lady Boss). Because you know there are tons of strong male characters with little flaws, but nothing really bad. And it’s fun, to vicariously live in their […]

  • Writing… Again

    I’m going to resurrect this blog. I’ve been writing on Medium a bit: Christmas: Wonderful and Depressing How I Learned To BreastFeed But I’m going to start writing on here, if but for only one reason- I love this Google font. Oh, and my cousin Lorrie has inspired me with her writing. And, I’m a […]

  • No Social Networks: Countdown to day 1: 6

    When I thought there was nothing new to report… wrong! The lastest manifestation of not being online is how folks forget that I’m not online. They think I know things going on with them, because they’ve spoken about it publicly. Which is a common thing. I am also guilty of that, having lived so publicly […]

  • No Social Network Day 22: Longer Attention Span

    I write in my head a lot. When I wrote novels more, I wrote whole chapters in my head. And when I took pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, rather, I’d change it all significantly. This blog post was actually something I wrote in an earlier post and took out. I had a few […]

  • No Social Netowrk Day 12: The Unobserved Life

    I’m on a no-Facebook-and-Twitter diet for Lent Yesterday, it was gorgeous in San Francisco. Sunny and windless like a summer’s day, well, a summer not in San Francisco. I walked up to the roof with NYTimes and settled into a reclining deck chair. Life doesn’t get much better, but wait! It does, my neighbor and […]

  • No Social Network Day 8: “Reading Emails”

    Wow, one of the biggest impacts of not reading social networks is that I’m getting much better at reading emails. If anyone has been in an online email thread with me, or on chat, they know I’m “concise to the point of being totally misunderstood,” or something along those lines, my sister Sally told me […]

  • Open Source and Nanowrimo

    I made the tough decision last week to shelve Woodward’s Gardens and devote more time to my open source project- with women in ruby, a group that has been meeting on Wednesdays at the Blazing-Cloud space downtown, with my friend Sarah Allen. I was out with a friend of mine who is an artist, after […]

  • Career Day

    I’ve been thinking a lot about careers, day jobs, etc. and Too Beautiful, writer Mark Pritchard’s blog today talks about Janice Erlbaum’s post, which was an email from a student attending one of her talks. The student asks 5 questions, and Janice, and Mark, both answer them. I thought I’d take a stab at it […]

  • Eating Well For a Living (Kinda)

    You too can enjoy this occupation: write a post on using the Michelin guide and win $150, or a weekend in NYC. Info here: Michelin Discovery Contest. People who I think should do this: Loan, Kathy Me, Rebecca, Greg, and any one else who so feels defined! Just came back from eating at Range- didn’t […]


    Ever since I was little I’d look at this one book on the shelf: Ahha Kareheha, or, that’s how I read it. We also had “CHEKHOV” which is really confusing, since that’s not even Cyrillic (there is no V like that), but some 1950s book editor who thought it’d be funny to print an English […]