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  • Creativity

    Chatting with a bunch of folks on the SF WoW mailing list on creativity- via programming, or crafts- and it led me to think in general that there are two buckets of creativity. On one hand- creating something whole, by yourself, from beginning to end, and on the other- group projects that have feedback. When […]

  • What Not to Blog

    I know, you shouldn’t tell the world you drank a lot, but hey, there were a lot of other people, well at least 5, and it was New Year’s Eve. In a rash of weirdness I asked the psychic that my friend hired for the party questions about my business idea. Now I know why […]

  • Deserved Success

    I had to unsubscribe from Laughing Squid and Valleywag for a while- I realized that despite writing two novels that lambasted a certain attitude expressed inside- if you notice most of my evil murderers/serial killers are tech journalists- I still had a weird hang-up about it. Laughing Squid is more of a social photo reporter […]

  • Business Idea

    I was up before noon the other day- I have a wacky schedule, mainly because I set my own hours. I woke up at 8am and took the F-Wharves to the Ferry Building. Uncommunicative and sleepy, I sat and read the New York Times and waited for my sister to join me. I’m really aware […]

  • Blogging

    (from Dave Walker) This weekend passed so quickly. I ended up going to every party I was invited to- a whirlwind of personal celebration at having finished the first draft of my novel, Beer & Chocolate. I got the crazy idea this morning to rewrite it completely. Since I realize now the complexity of some […]

  • Writing the words: The End

    I wrote the words “the end” about five minutes ago. Final count: 50, 235. I inserted chapters, I added scenes, I noticed typos, I realized factual inconsistencies, but it’s done! I don’t have to work on it, no, I *shouldn’t* work on it for a few weeks. “breathing space,” to realize the objectivity that it […]

  • Day 30: Writing the End

    I’ve stopped blogging before writing, not sure why. I wrote some notes in my word count document about “blog this,” but then ended up not doing it. I’m cruising to the last day of Nanowrimo with 1,600 words to go, right on schedule. Last night I dedicated to writing, then watched my DVR collection, and […]

  • Day 27: The Beat Goes On

    Above is the Santa Wheel, a way of giving between my siblings that produces no repeats for 9 successive years. I think it’s pretty brilliant. Add it to another flash application that I’ll build in the next million years, next to the Facebook app I haven’t built either, or contributing to an open source project. […]

  • Day 26: No Sun

    Feels like there is less and less sun, and we have about a month until the solstice. Felt so ebullient yesterday, today there’s just tons of material concerns. Still, she plows on. Last night left off at 36,252, so 13.75K or so words to go in a matter of a few days. The “Lydia” situation […]

  • Day 25: Having Fun

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to the bathroom in that photo. So I just wrote 2K words in an hour, and had a lively conversation with a guy in a cafe who has just moved to North Beach. The magic? Being offline. I went to the Starbucks near the turnaround and there is NO INTERNET. […]