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  • Vote on Blog Shift, Homebound, Thunderstorms

    near Land’s End, the path behind Legion of Honor backwards first! Thunderstorms In talking to my sister, who lives in an area with real weather, I noted proudly, “we’re supposed to get thunderstorms today!” Wrong. Never got them. Sure, the pavement was wet outside, but no big rattling dramatic bolts from heaven. Must our weather […]

  • Sordid Embellishments on Real Life Bio (inspired by JT Leroy)

    Setting: Paul & Eddie’s, dive bar in sleepy Silicon Valley megawealthy suburb, the old Cupertino train station and “inn”. Year: 2006. Tumbleweeds blow by the Lexii. She takes a drag off of her latte. “There were men, a world of men. My mother drove me around Cupertino bars (there are 2) trying to sell me […]

  • Two Random Characters

    This site is also a kind of novel-journal where I make notes on characters that I want to include in novels. So these are the results of character analysis this morning on the walk to work. RECENT EMIGRE FROM CHINA A guy was in front of me and came down Stockton/Telegraph Hill and walked almost […]

  • today, obsessed by french lady

    I surruptitiously read the book everyone’s reading, French Women Don’t Get Fat, and she doesn’t mention anywhere my lovely milk and cookies pre-bed snack. Dagnabbit. These people kind of share my thoughts on it, and they’re French, and so therefore they are right… discusison on French Women. For th record though, there are some interesting […]

  • Depressing 11/3rd…

    Everyone is glum. Entire train into downtown full of glum people. On an upper note I feel my scar itch and that means it’s healing. Tonight I’m going to plow into 3,000 + words on novel. I’m not super motivated I have to say. Feeling really tired after a long lunch w/ friends bemoaning the […]