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  • Social Muse

    credit to: phreddy When you’re not working, are you still working? I mean, could the interaction with interesting people and great artists and thinkers be “work” in itself? I don’t pretend to have a bunch of fascinating things in my head erupting in a stead stream of brilliance: it’s collaborative, or a pastiche, or something. […]

  • Movie Update: Information Kills

    Movie Update: Information Kills One of the actors told me, “you need to figure out what this is about.” Another friend who read a bunch of male parts for me, despite being a woman, and that is an irrelevant fact anyways, she said: “You have so much going on, if you chose one thing and […]

  • Movie Update: Bilingual Screenplays

    Bilingual Screenplays Trying to find the screenplay to Pushing Hands online. I did get this interview with James Schamus, which is quite good. He’s the producer of two Lee movies, and works/owns Good Machine. He discusses working with Ang Lee on the Chinese and English movie screenplay. It went back and forth a lot, I […]

  • Locations

    Locations Scouted a location today. I had planned to meet the guy who is my connection to this bar, but he flaked. No problem, talked to the owner myself. There’s going to be some tough issues: lighting, and dealing with the public. I wanted to get the entire place to ourselves for filming, but he […]

  • Movie Update, Morning in the Hood

    Movie Update Threw down some brewskies with producer last Sunday and she was feeling bad at not working on the spreadsheet. “All you have to do,” I told her, “Was tell me to write. That’s it!” She got into it and promised she would nag me. I got a few pages written the other day- […]

  • Medau, Madame, Sunblock, Neighbors, Movie Update

    Medau, Madame Much like someone who says “I love this song!” or “I love this movie,” or “That is my favorite restaurant,” when everyone within hearing knows that they love every song/movie/restaurant, that is how I feel about Medau. It’s my favorite street! Next to Pacific, Hyde, John, the list goes on. How cute, how […]

  • Questions of Racial non-Identity, Feminism, and Kittens

    Here’s a little temple of heaven on a wet and wicked Tuesday. Racism Couldn’t sleep last night, and in the throes of daydreaming and anxiety thoughts, had an overwhelming concern that people would think my movie is racist. It’s good to question these things, it’s true, and I think when you talk about stuff, you […]

  • Lovely Day, For Sale, Movie Update: The Bad Plus

    Lovely Day It is absolutely friggin gorgeous out today. Saw a small regatta out there in front of the Marina doing their thing. Not sure if it’s a race, or a class. Swimmers were taking advantage of the nice weather, at Aquatic Park. The tourists are just swarming around every possible corner too. Finally they […]

  • Rain, Fire, and Movie URL

    my old apt, burned (credit to igmom) Rain and Fire Realizing while driving to work today through really sodden streets downtown, that it’s not El Nino, no, it’s Global Warming! The rain is getting me down. At least I’m not experiencing the high winds and buckets of rain on the Bay Bridge like I was, […]

  • Bocce, NoisePop, Locations

    Bocce Ball Courts Not sure if anyone remembers the earlier post regarding how they are not using oyster shells in the bocce ball courts, but I do, and so for this travesty I inspected the courts. They look interesting. I’m glad it’s opening up this corner of the DiMaggio park and library. NoisePop Managed to […]