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  • toll downtown, trolling for actors

    toll downtown! From this article, I gleaned that my twice a week commute will involve a new toll. True, some times I feel like I could walk on car hoods the entire way to work. But for me, going against the flow, it will totally suck, unless it prevents lame SUV driving lawyer/finance types from […]

  • biking buddies, movie prep

    I wish I was here! the warming hut, at the base of gg bridge biking buddies There is a strange phenomenon: people talk to you on a bike. I made a German friend on my really short 12 minute bike ride to the gym yesterday. I was angry at this one “baby on board” SUV […]

  • Vote on Blog Shift, Homebound, Thunderstorms

    near Land’s End, the path behind Legion of Honor backwards first! Thunderstorms In talking to my sister, who lives in an area with real weather, I noted proudly, “we’re supposed to get thunderstorms today!” Wrong. Never got them. Sure, the pavement was wet outside, but no big rattling dramatic bolts from heaven. Must our weather […]