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  • Pregnant & Entrepreneur = Pregpreneur

    First trimester in Vegas… a bit hard. Standing at a conference all day, during first trimester, isn’t fun. Your business partner doesn’t know because you and your boyfriend have decided not to tell anyone. You’re not showing, but beyond exhausted and nauseous. I power-napped in the hotel hallway. I started with caffeinated tea, and then […]

  • The Perils of Lack of Diversity (TitStare, Circle Snake)

    Last night I learned of the opening demo at TechCrunch’s Disrupt, “TitStare”. An app that takes a photo of you (and you are of course a heterosexual male) staring at a woman’s breasts with or without her consent, doesn’t really matter. Also, an app Circle Snake that ranks your (male) masturbation technique. Got a voicemail […]

  • Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

    I’m sitting here at work kinda slammed and sick, but hey, it’s ALD, and that’s kinda cool. At work, we were talking about Ada Lovelace – interesting because we are in fashion, and her first application was making jacquard. I love that fact. In thinking about Ada with this coworker, I realized that she is […]

  • Mayer & the Glass Cliff

    The New York Times just announced: Marissa Mayer took the position as Yahoo’s CEO a few minutes ago. She has broken through the glass ceiling at Google only to encounter the “glass cliff”: via Wikipedia/Univ. of Exeter: A glass cliff is a term coined by Prof Michelle Ryan and Prof Alex Haslam of University of […]

  • The Imposter Syndrome and Knowing What You Don’t Know

    I really have never thought I had Imposter Syndrome. I’m not a shrinking violet, I tend to talk pretty authoritatively, I’m confident, like to speak in public, etc. Yet, I joined a mailing list for women-techs and during discussions this term came up. I looked it up, and started locating this behavior in a few […]

  • There Are No Women On StackOverflow… Or Are There?

    For a long time, years in fact, I used the site as a reference. You have an error message, and you can search for it, and find a lovely discussion of fixes, problems, etc. I had joined a year ago, but got some grief and didn’t login in again for a year.I’d run into a […]

  • Feminist Reviews of Inappropriate Things

    1. Star Mites My niece invited me to come see her in Star Mites. Yeah, that’s right, I’m the mean auntie critiquing a community theater performance. The kids were great- the play though… it’s based on the 1989 Broadway production, a science fiction romp of comic book heros turned real, and an adolescent girl as […]

  • On Dressing Girly At Work

    Hanging out after a conference with another female programmer, or, “bragrammer,” I will admit that the first thing we talked about was our clothes. I had admired her dress during her talk, and I was wearing a kind of new sleeveless bike/street jacket vest with scarf, going for a monochrome grey-blue look. Later on in […]

  • No Social Network Day 2: Womenly Women

    So, Day 2 of No-Social-Media. I feel a little isolated. Yesterday at work, I did miss the distraction of my “coffee break”- cruising my Facebook feed. A coworker offered to share some social media news, but couldn’t think of anything that interesting enough to re-share. I did accidentally log into Facebook, following a link from […]

  • Penelope Trunk’s Skewed Perceptions of the World, part 2

    As usual, Penelope Trunk is fanning the flames and creating controversy (Part 1 is here). Her latest is in TechCrunch, Stop Telling Women to Start Start-ups (ironically linked to by a female start-up CEO friend of mine). If you don’t know P. Trunk, she had a blog 10 years ago about job-hunting (based on her […]