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  • Career Day

    I’ve been thinking a lot about careers, day jobs, etc. and Too Beautiful, writer Mark Pritchard’s blog today talks about Janice Erlbaum’s post, which was an email from a student attending one of her talks. The student asks 5 questions, and Janice, and Mark, both answer them. I thought I’d take a stab at it […]

  • Do Women Buy iPhones?

    Funny comment and observation in MediaPost’s bulletin: Do women own iPhones? I can’t tell from the latest set of ads, where only men gush about the device. One man loves the visual voicemail, although he chooses to skip the 4-minute message from the guy that owes him money. That would be the one I skip […]

  • La Cloche

    I love these kind of skull caps. It’s a riff on the 1920s style cloche (French for bell) hats. Funny to think this was a feminist icon for so long, when now it seems fuddy duddy (Thoroughly Modern Millie and Bernice Bobs Her Hair). The modern (or poor, in its time perhaps) variant is knit […]

  • Sacrificing the Bawdy

    Just took a break to the coffee room and realized I just wanted to be playing this old video game tonight instead of going to the gym- sacrificing the body for the mind. In college lit classes my friend Ann and I (now an English literature professor!) had this inside joke that every time someone […]

  • I’m a Bad Feminist

    I went to the pro-choice rally today – to protest the Supreme Court upholding the partial ban on abortion. And I wrote some pro-women comments on the whole Spock flare-up. I get pretty passionate about these ideas, but – and is it superficial and lazy of me- I only want to talk about them with […]

  • Volunteering, Women in Tech, and CANWOW

    Me and my co-volunteers have been working our little hearts out on this big networking event Wednesday. So check it out- the CANWOW party at the Bubble Lounge Wednesday 5:30-8pm. Email if you want free admittance. If you’re a woman in tech and you’re looking for a job, or just wondering what’s out there, […]

  • Tech post #10: SHDH

    SuperHappyDevHouse15, shdh15, in Monte Sereno (formerly written: Los Gatos, so wrong! So wrong!). I spent a large part of the time at Super Happy Dev House talking to my mom via chat. Because she is my main “user” and knows the data really well, so I had to get all of the specs from her. […]

  • Tech Post #7: Women and Open Source (again!)

    Number of knitting blogs: 470,561 Number of blogs about Ajax: 365,793 Number of blogs writing fiction: 222,544 Joyce Park wrote a two-article “A Modest Proposal” (no reference to Swift*) on women in programming and the industry, why there aren’t more, and what to do about it. A lot of guys wrote back, and some very […]

  • Might As Well Face It

    I’m addicted to Lost. Lostpedia here, on the Numbers business. It started when I breezily picked up the DVD at FilmYard last month. At this point I’m an iTunes season pass holder. D’oh! 3 seasons in a few weeks, there you go. My crush on Naveen Andrews and Josh Halloway hasn’t damped, but let’s say […]

  • I Am Not Chick Lit

    Breaking news… got an SMS from the Real Jelly (she’s aliiiiiive!) about how she’s in Target, and saw our friend’s book for sale. The book? “This Is Not Chick Lit”. The friend? Elizabeth (link to the right on blogroll). Oh so many feelings… pride! Go Beth! Sadness… are we the women in curlers roaming the […]