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  • Travel Food Notes: Part 1 Fish Salad & Horseradish

    My host in Sweden, Ingrid, served me horseradish soup one of the last nights, and I loved the peppery creaminess of it, so I roughly recreated the recipe yesterday for my Dad. From Epicurious and altered. Ingrid said she bought it at the store and re-heated. 1. The hard part is finding fresh horseradish. Whole […]

  • Writing the words: The End

    I wrote the words “the end” about five minutes ago. Final count: 50, 235. I inserted chapters, I added scenes, I noticed typos, I realized factual inconsistencies, but it’s done! I don’t have to work on it, no, I *shouldn’t* work on it for a few weeks. “breathing space,” to realize the objectivity that it […]

  • Day 30: Writing the End

    I’ve stopped blogging before writing, not sure why. I wrote some notes in my word count document about “blog this,” but then ended up not doing it. I’m cruising to the last day of Nanowrimo with 1,600 words to go, right on schedule. Last night I dedicated to writing, then watched my DVR collection, and […]

  • Day 27: The Beat Goes On

    Above is the Santa Wheel, a way of giving between my siblings that produces no repeats for 9 successive years. I think it’s pretty brilliant. Add it to another flash application that I’ll build in the next million years, next to the Facebook app I haven’t built either, or contributing to an open source project. […]

  • Day 26: No Sun

    Feels like there is less and less sun, and we have about a month until the solstice. Felt so ebullient yesterday, today there’s just tons of material concerns. Still, she plows on. Last night left off at 36,252, so 13.75K or so words to go in a matter of a few days. The “Lydia” situation […]

  • Day 25: Having Fun

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to the bathroom in that photo. So I just wrote 2K words in an hour, and had a lively conversation with a guy in a cafe who has just moved to North Beach. The magic? Being offline. I went to the Starbucks near the turnaround and there is NO INTERNET. […]

  • Day 24: Finishing the Novel

    2.9K words/day, until 11/30. That’s the daily word goal. Some folks are writing 5K words a day, and that would be awesome. So far, I believe the most I’ve written is just over 2K a day, this month, so it’s a definite stretch for me. Some of my friends of course are like, but Anna, […]

  • Day 19: Discomfort

    At this point, I’d like to work on my Thanksgiving menu, or play scrabble, or start painting my bathroom. But nooooo, must re-emerge into writing zone. I walked out of my apartment building feeling very awkward. It just felt uncomfortable, heading out into the night (it’s getting dark so early!) to sit in a cafe […]

  • Day 17b: Other Plots

    I am sitting in a four hour long Bollywood movie, thinking about plot issues that it’s having, and that leads me to my novel. I look at the actor, and wonder about why they missed this opportunity to give him the standard “fish out of water” scenes, and think of my novel. After two hours, […]

  • Day 17: The Shark

    In my word count document, I wrote: total novel right now: 22,910 Words to write to make total goal: 5,429 Ch 3 document goal: 4,565 5:07PM, write until 6:15PM, 1500 too high a goal for today? (doc goal: 2364??, we’ll see.) Managed to surpass the hour goal by about 10 words. It’s effective, if quantitative […]