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  • I Can Haz Copy?

    Welcome to I Can Haz Murder, a murder mystery… start here A strip joint in the morning, an empty paddy wagon trolling down the main drag, two young guys in striped shirts and jeans, stumbling and laughing down Grant Street with lattes. This was the cheerful grittiness of Beth’s walk up Columbus to her new […]

  • I Can Haz Murder: Lego my Tikka

    Killing off Web 2.0 folks, one at a time. Enjoy I Can Haz Murder, a serialized murder mystery. If you guess the answer, you get a special “smartypants” chiclet Nick powered down his $2 Guinness. He sang tunelessly along with “Sister Christian” on the jukebox, along with his friends, hwile also eating Indian food. Gretchen, […]