Category: fitness

  • Biking to Pier 38

    Pull up pant leg, check lights, and generally warm up while biking on flat blocks near Powell, Mason, Chestnut, Francisco, untitil you need to go by the Post Office relay station, eying the 45 on the way to the MUNI depot. Merge quickly onto Bay St., battle Marina girls driving their Audis to the Bay […]

  • Trying new things or Being a new person

    This is the second time I’ve gone up to Tahoe during the week. I woke up at 5- my adorable alarm clock (cat) did that magic- and picked up a ZipCar, turned on NPR, and then drove about 2 1/2 hours up to Donner Pass. Ski for 4 hours, drive home. Ta-da. The result is […]

  • San Jose Bike Party!!

    The yell among 3500 people … “bike party!”… total group power, but we frowned on racing through reds, and managed to keep an open lane for cars. My trip started out like a normal Friday in Emeryville. I’d planned earlier that week to try Amtrak down to meet my sister in San Jose. It ended […]

  • Biking in the City

    First bike ride in a month 2 days ago- a quick jog to the gym- and wow, was I skittish. There’s this (lack of) personal space that you build up over time. When you take a vacation, you’re back to zero again. On Bay Street, a car whizzed by me and I almost drove into […]

  • Summer

    I walked along the ridge between Tennessee Valley and Mount Tamalpais last Saturday, after a barbecue in Mill Valley. I was in a short-sleeve shirt and was completely chilled afterwards. The wind from the coast- damp fog speeding along, comes over that ridge and sweeps down into the Bay. I’ve been on a boat right […]

  • tagclouds

    Ah, very cool. Created from here: Get your NSID from Flickr (view source on a photo page, search for “nsid”) Paste it into here, It will generate all of your tags, then it submits it to another site that generates the tagCloud. Neat!

  • Swimming

    I devoted 15 minutes to lap pool swimming yesterday. I happened to take Soy protein that day to boost my energy, but it was not worth it in the end. Let me tell you why. I had biked, done a circuit, and had another biking in front of me (though only 1.7 miles). It was […]

  • Taking Time

    Someone I don’t know that well, but moved to North Beach right around when I did, Jackson West, has been blogging about North Beach on Curbed SF. He says, On a bad day, it’s like living in an off-brand corner of Disneyland. On a good day, reading Frank Norris in a claw-foot tub older than […]

  • gridswap & mornings

    I’ve been working for a long time on: gridswap. I took this script: drag & drop from the god of all things DHTML and UI: Walter Zorn! My goal was to get people to be able to pick up and drop books from month to month in a yearly calendar. The complexity is that the […]

  • Limits

    I decided on the second day not to get a ski lesson. I just wanted to use my time to get more used to being on the snow- log in some hours, like it’s a medical degree or something. I tend to over-intellectualize almost everything, and I remembered my 1-on-1 class last year like it […]