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  • The Wasperly Arts

    (as in, the Sisterly Arts) I decided not to drive down to Monarch Butterfly Heaven this weekend- Pacific Grove, CA, Butterfly Town!- because going there and not being able to enjoy the wasperly arts, tennis & golf, high tea, walks along the sea, would be some form of odd torture. Instead I sit in this […]

  • Kayaking & Russian

    On a total lark, drove up to Sausalito with Tink and met up with some college alum for full moon paddle. I only knew one guy – Paul Anderson who is a brilliant songwriter – and ended up having a great time and (hopefully) making good friendships. What stuck with me all night, through dreams […]

  • Sailing to Berkeley

    We went out around noon from Sausalito and then berthed in Berkeley. Then, set sail from Berkeley around 10am and met Javier at the dock at Fish! Restaurant, around 2:30PM. Tooled around the harbor there doing wacky crazy heeling, drinking beer & chips, and general crazy stuff. Then docked around 5pm. Cleaned up the boat, […]

  • Swimming in the Ocean

    I just had this gut feeling yesterday morning that I didn’t want to go swimming. I wasn’t sure what it was. One friend got sick and couldn’t go, but before I could cancel it, had a discussion with another friend who was really excited, as it was her first time. So I rallied. We met […]

  • Playing Pebble Beach & Being a WASC

    Walking out of work on Friday my carpool buddies were talking about what they were doing for Mother’s Day: a card, flowers, a phone call, an SMS, etc. My mom wanted to play golf. She’s a good player, same with my dad, and I suck. My dad was in Golfing Army, or that’s how I […]

  • First Hike of Season

    It was sandwiched between a business meeting and a theater outing, so I really had to Day & Night Barbie (with a simple flip she turns from workaday to out-on-the-town). Walked up the PG&E trail, which is far more romantic than it sounds. It has a few very steep climbs and it’s challenging right at […]

  • Easter Sailing

    I forgot how much I love to sail. Invited myself to crew today on Tink’s boat. There weren’t a lot of boats out- we thought because of it being a holiday- in reality, probably more because of the bad conditions. A guy helped us lead the boat into the slip after our sail, and commented […]

  • Learning to Swim

    Some friends of mine are taking adult swim classes- whenever I read that on the calendar I think: do you have to wear pasties and G-strings? No, no no. It’s all very nice and mellow, about seven folks in their 30s with an instructor, in the 5ft. part of the Y, late at night on […]

  • New Year Resolutions

    I usually don’t have any. But this year, I find myself inspired by the motivations of others, so here I go: – for 1 month, no wheat, to “recalibrate”. Looking at my Trader Joe’s checkout basket yesterday, realized I’m kind of addicted to fruit & bread. – 30-minute cardio workouts in the morning. I don’t […]

  • Marathon Urban Hike, #16

    Headed out the first day of 2007 with two buddies- Kathy & Lauren– to do an awesome urban hike. First we had to meet Kathy at Polk & Sacramento. The idea was to walk there but we were getting short on time. So we walked up the steepest ever part of Russian Hill – to […]