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  • Ginseng Oolong

    Walking back from the theater the other night my friend and I stopped in a Chinatown tea house to sample some tea for free. (Vital Tea Leaf). As these things usually go I’m a huge sucker and end up buying something. I bought some of the best tasting tea I’ve ever had. It looks like […]

  • jock post: basketball

    Second to last game, and I scored twice! I can’t f-ing believe it! I never score!!! I got 40% of our points! (yes another low-score game). I talked to trainer (yes, I am the bastion of elite and do personal training sessions, which I excessively enjoy, as I’m a narcissist). And I talked to her […]

  • Jock Post: Golfing

    Took my dad out to golf a month ago, and went for a repeat with my mom this weekend. I do like golf, it just taps into a compulsive side of me that also really likes the game of pool. I bought an expensive Nike “light bag” that revolutionized my game- I ended up picking […]

  • Jock Post #3: San Jose 1/2 Marathon

    (not run by me!) Two folks I know ran the San Jose 1/2 Marathon: Sally, here having her “jock smile” that she always has when biking or running (or, I call it the “fly catcher” smile). She finished in under 2hours! Go Sally! Chester has the amazing ability of taking photos while running, and in […]

  • Jock Post #2: My Nickname is Shaq

    caption: Monica doing a free throw. I really admire her. One of my favorite players on the other team, I call her “dennis rodman”- she’s got very theatrical fouls, she is foreground left, and Anna, another great player (not me!) is facing in red. I played last week, and I’m about to get on my […]

  • Jock Post #1: Women in Sailing

    Above is a photo of sailing sensation Emma Sanderson, helping on a test ride with Hilary Lister, who is piloting her own boat, despite being a quadriplegic. Hilary ended up crossing the channel, actually , using her breath on tubes to steer the rudder and the sails. I went sailing yesterday with my friend Tink […]

  • Summer Days

    I’ve had a ridiculously wonderful last few weeks in the great summer weather. I’ve been swimming, kayaking, biking, and playing basketball late at night. I’m just loving this weather, and I have some newfound strength from training, as well. Strangely enough, being physically fit, but not lungs-or-cardio fit (or something I haven’t figured out yet) […]

  • Yet Another Tech Post: New Stuff

    SitePal So you make this little avatar person, and you give them something to say- you can also upload sound files. I had great fun having this girl first say “f-k”, then “I am a dork”, then she did a really good attempt at “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” in a kind of snotty, customer-service matter of fact tone. […]

  • Random Tidbits, Goats, and Doocing

    So I’m sitting at work desperately trying to get one last thing done, and I realize I’m quasi-doocing, the act of blogging while at work. Well I’m not blogging about work. Because it’s boring, and I’m not that dumb. Though I do want to take a photo of the Sanka sign above the coffee maker. […]

  • Open Letter to Ladies in Gym Locker Room

    Open Letter to Ladies in Gym Locker Room I go to the gym, and do a full workout. When I get back to the locker room, the same two people that were there from the start. That’s an Hour. Lady #1: naked, doing soemthing to look busy but basically just nude. Lady #2. talking about […]