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  • Sunny Days So Long Ago. Los Gatos Trail. Not Writing

    This photo reminds me that there are sunny days, or were, in January Sunny Days, So Long Ago The rain: all the radio stations talk about it, and everyone you talk to talks about it. Not so long ago, the days were sunny, and we had tons of droughts no less. Just putting things into […]

  • biking buddies, movie prep

    I wish I was here! the warming hut, at the base of gg bridge biking buddies There is a strange phenomenon: people talk to you on a bike. I made a German friend on my really short 12 minute bike ride to the gym yesterday. I was angry at this one “baby on board” SUV […]

  • SF Bike Loop, the Tee Off

    SF Bike Loop, The Tee Off From 1:00 to 4:00 I was doing the above bike ride, on my crappy old bike. I will do the same route again with my new bike and compare! One problem, of many with crappy old bike, is that I only have three workable gears and they’re all at […]

  • Biking In The Cold

    Looking North from Chrissy Field, the estuary and bay in background Biking In the Cold So it’s freezing here the past two days. I decided to do the bike loop from the Ferry Building up and around the Warming Hut, basically directly under the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a nice low-traffic way, especially in the […]

  • Mission Cliffs

    Credit to riverstone The flats of potrero hill, or “bottom of the hill” I guess, has changed a lot. I was there to check out for the first time: Mission Cliffs. I guess I used to visit BAVC (the bay area video coalition), gordon’s, the brewery, and other hotspots from the dot com era. Now, […]

  • 30 stockton day 3

    Overheard, two adolescent Asian boys. “Have you hard Mosh from Eminem?” “Yeah, duh.” “It rocks.” “Yeah?” “It’s like, about Bush.” “Huh.” “Like, AK47s and stuff.” “Dude.” Makes me think, at this rate of acquisition, that Eminem should have released his song years before the actual election, not a few weeks. They also talked in depth […]

  • On the Roof

    the roof of my house has a great view of Coit Tower, Angel Island, maybe Golden Gate Bridge. People see all kinds of things. Friend last night wanted to find work, downtown. Seemed weird to kind of peer through the skyscrapers to find the structure you work in every day. And to your back is […]

  • Up Grant Street and Labyrinth

    I keep on finding interesting routes to common destinations. On the way back from Film Yard, the video store, this afternoon, I found a cool intersection. One alley between another, Pfeiffer and something (not on mapquest) between Chestnut and Francisco. Really charming! In a kind of undiscovered way (impossible since it is one block off […]

  • purpose of this blog

    Originally, it was actually a workout blog that I was going to share with my mom and sis’s, but now it’s evolved into a “local color” blog after several life events meant I was going to move to a new neighborhood, and my exercise and appreciation of my new neighborhood combined in daily walks to […]

  • it’s all coming back to me…

    The neuroses of a fitness addicted person… coming back to me slowly but surely. I’ve started to realize just how tight my (whatever are remaining) muscles are, and they are in a pretty sad state. Some things coming out of head trauma are: life is too short not to eat mint ice cream!!! Dropped off […]