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  • iMurder 16: Hunting a Snarker

    Sosa rummaged through Poobar’s case file and found the Xerox of the business card, with the bloody fingerprint on the back. He read the business card outloud to Mikey. “Tom Donoghy, ValleyIst.” He turned the card back and forward. “Why would Mark put this in Poobar’s pocket?” “Who is this guy anyway?” Mikey asked. He […]

  • iMurder Chapter 15: I’m Blogging This

    Mikey, Sosa’s partner for five years, sat on the edge of Sosa’s desk. “So I got interrogated by the chief this morning. Do we really think that Mark guy is the suspect for the entire string? I got to tell you, I don’t have any evidence linking him to the second victim, Joe Standish.” Sosa […]

  • iMurder 14: Hacking Flickr

    Mac got the call from Beth and that detective to try and figure out Jelly’s Flickr login. He went into the office early and sat at Jelly’s computer. Since it was a Mac, and he knew her network password, he could get in and see all the key passwords. When he logged into Flickr, as […]

  • iMurder 13: Stickiness

    Everything sticks like a broken record Everything sticks until it goes away and the truth is we don’t know anything “Ana Ng” They Might Be Giants Sosa and Beth sat in Peet’s on Mission Street, facing the sidewalk. She pulled out a notebook and showed Sosa all of her work from last night, when she […]

  • iMurder 12: Visiting GiggleLoop

    Beth tapped on the bulletproof glass of the Vallejo Station. She could see Sosa talking to a young man, in a suit. The door to the main area finally opened and she stood face to face with Gavin Newsom, the young, hot and available mayor of San Francisco. “Here you go.” He said. “Sorry to […]

  • iMurder 11: Dreaded Dream Sequence

    Beth wakes with a start, sweat pouring off her forehead. Her dream starts to fade, though it made her heart race faster than … she can’t think how fast her heart usually races. I mean, she never really stops and thinks: wow, I wonder how many beats per second my heart is pumping now? She […]

  • iMurder 10: Beth Betrayed

    After she hung up with Sosa, she scoured the living room of Mac’s work and sure enough, found the moleskine wedged between two cushions of the Cat Pee couch. One of the resident cats had made sure that the couch was hers. Holding the book far from her, so she didn’t have to smell it, […]

  • iMurder 9: GiggleLoop, Inc.

    iMurder, the ninth in a series about murder, dot com style. Start at the beginning. Chapter 9: GiggleLoop, Inc. Beth arched her eyebrow at Mac over her empty greyhound. “Shall we?” They had gotten as far as the bar’s anteroom when a door opposite burst open. A man appeared, then reached for Mac’s hand. “Hey […]

  • iMurder 8: Marina Boy Does Good

    iMurder, the eighth in a series about murder, dot com style. Start at the beginning. Marina Boy Does Good The knife plunged into her body and with it he heard a slight suction sound. No one would find her body, well, not while the party was going on downstairs. He wanted to wipe his bloody […]

  • iMurder 7: Suspect: poobar

    The seventh in a series about murder, dot-com style. Start at the beginning. Suspect: poobar Beth craned her neck over Mac’s shoulder to see who else was here at 15 Romolo. The bar was dark inside, with tiny lights on tables. She could barely make out anyone distinctly, and she needed to find a diminutive […]