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  • Time to Create

    This is a good time to start a business. I keep saying that, wondering if it will come true the more times I say it. Why do I think it’s such a great time? – There are some amazing people who have time and energy – Said folks are very highly skilled – Last time […]

  • Lame Jury

    I wrote this in an email to a lawyer friend about my frustrations with my recent jury duty. Thought it’d make a good post. Please comment! Girl testifies that she goes running out of a club in the Tenderloin in the middle of the night- fight with estranged husband that she ran into at 818 […]

  • holiday feeling

    I got the holiday feeling yesterday. Maybe it was finally settling some affairs so I could leave town in January, replacing my phone, or watching a sappy holiday movie (Love, Actually). Regardless, I got the spirit. Here’s a short list on what makes the holidays great. Eggnog! I love it! It doesn’t love me but […]

  • Recession Proof

    $3 for dim sum at You’s on Stockton near the tunnel. $4.50 for cappuccino and chocolate biscotti at A Cavalli cafe on Stockton and Columbus. Better than sitting at Cafe de la Presse and not getting served for 20 minutes. I try once in a while to like Union Square, really. 500 drunk and attention-seeking […]

  • Enjoy Mid-winter Fun

    Chinatown Solstice Birthday Scavenger Hunt! Saturday, December 20th, 3:42PM, at Cafe de la Presse on Bush & Grant. Prepare for a few hours of scavenger hunt fun, as we sample dumplings, find crystalized seahorses and sneak through tiny alleys. Teams formed as you arrive. End-up location is a super secret (unless you call me with […]

  • Eating Well For a Living (Kinda)

    You too can enjoy this occupation: write a post on using the Michelin guide and win $150, or a weekend in NYC. Info here: Michelin Discovery Contest. People who I think should do this: Loan, Kathy Me, Rebecca, Greg, and any one else who so feels defined! Just came back from eating at Range- didn’t […]

  • I am a PC.

    I’m feeling punchy. Anyways, from an SFist article by Dan, I asked my FriendFeed buddies to caption this photo, and the brililant winner is Live4Soccer. Check out his feed, funny guy. Runner ups: “Mom?” – Mona and “it’s not a truck! it’s a series of tubes!” – David McDonaldRichard (Hussein) Walker :)

  • On Using The Guide

    Niece & buddy at Cheeseboard. Scoping potential guide destinations on Shattuck this weekend :) I madly ripped through my 2009 Michelin on the 30 Stockton like a total tourist. Here were my first thoughts: – no Tu Lan, phew – the Castro section was re-printed by accident in the beginning – L’Osteria del Forno wasn’t […]

  • Hummingbird

    I work a lot next to this open door with a balcony off to two flowering pear trees. For about three years now I’ve idly heard this bird, and finally I’m going to identify it. Well, it’s (I think, to the best of my knowledge) called “Anna’s Hummingbird.” Isn’t that ironic? Anna’s Hummingbird I think […]

  • Humidity Makes a Nice Forest

    Before I went to Portland, I wrote this long post that I deleted about problematic feelings regarding that town. Then, I went, had a great time, and now I’m back to thinking of why I don’t live there. So, this is a moment I experienced on the third morning. I dragged my ass up a […]