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  • Cafe Circuit

    I met a guy at a conference and he emailed me the other day, “See you on the conference circuit,” and it made me think of other circuits I have in life. I’m currently in the Cafe Circuit. As I walk from home on errands around downtown and North Beach, there are a few cafes […]

  • Finishing Things

    I’m just alerting you to the fact that I am working on finishing my business idea, which is Annaboka ( anna+book, in Swedish. I am working on the login process, so the minute I iron out the irregularities, I will open it up to whomever is interested. I gave it an allotted time of 2 […]

  • Other Cities: Miami

    I walked by this building a few times between my hotel & another identical hotel, and wondered what it was. There are tons of skyscrapers in Miami, el capital de cuba. Some random observations on Miami: – Lots of Haitian cab drivers that speak Creole. Creole, to me, is like learning French. Some of it […]

  • Small Joys

    I hit three cafes yesterday in the search for wi-fi as I had to get out of the apartment for a few hours. Result? None. It was a combination of poor choices and downtown being a Saharan dessert during a bank holiday. On the 3-hour, 3-mile walk – including shopping errands, of course– I eventually […]

  • Veteran’s, I mean, Valentine’s Day

    This afternoon I read some great posts on Valentine’s Day by my buddies, so I thought I’d dive in too. About a year ago I decided to embrace the many years I’ve been dating, instead of sweeping them under the rug. I was at Stella’s on Columbus- home of a beautiful, simple, sweet Opera cake- […]

  • art school break

    I’m recovering slowly from being sick, and strangely one or two things really stood out as what I miss most about being healthy. How, when you’re healthy, you don’t really think about your health. I mean, you do, but not as #1 important thing going on in every moment– that self-consciousness about your body and […]

  • Unfinished Projects and High Tide

    I have been in back to back meetings with some visitors from Holland (hej!) and last night at Golden Gate Perk– the best downtown wi-fi laptop cafe (rivals Ritual because you can get bulgogi!) I demo’d my Business Idea for them. I realized how much of it still needs work, it’s like one inch forward […]

  • South Bay Nostalgia: Software Meet-ups

    I have a huge fat soft spot for the South Bay. I drove down last night- 1:10 h:m from Emeryville! – to meet up with some developers who are doing the same kind of work I’m doing for my Business Idea. So many things threw me back to being 16 again. – That it is […]

  • Deserved Success

    I had to unsubscribe from Laughing Squid and Valleywag for a while- I realized that despite writing two novels that lambasted a certain attitude expressed inside- if you notice most of my evil murderers/serial killers are tech journalists- I still had a weird hang-up about it. Laughing Squid is more of a social photo reporter […]

  • Blogging

    (from Dave Walker) This weekend passed so quickly. I ended up going to every party I was invited to- a whirlwind of personal celebration at having finished the first draft of my novel, Beer & Chocolate. I got the crazy idea this morning to rewrite it completely. Since I realize now the complexity of some […]