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  • No more tree.

    Did the ole commute in record time- was at Peets at 9:30 and woke up at 8:45, got out of house exactly at 9:05, so 25 minutes, and on phone the entire time (job interview). They were ripping out a tree in front of the library :( The Joe DiMaggio playground does look great. I […]

  • In the news…

    The walk to work today was kind of uneventful. They’re still cleaning the Transamerica building. There’s some project of painting the sidewalk grey and after a few days adding sand (Cafe Macaroni is the latest). Some guy was getting a tai chi stick lesson in the park. It was bright and sunny with a nice […]

  • boycott norton’s vault AND bad translator!

    First, walking to work right outside of Bikram yoga/convenience store, saw cable car stopped, and brakeman leaning out asking a small, elderly Asian man if he needed an ambulance. Man and woman were huddled on the sidewalk with a 20-something blond (turns out British) woman who is on the phone with ambulance. She showed me […]

  • the fan dance

    Two women were doing tai chi in the park today- the fan dance. My mother informs me that there are many tai chis, with swords, fans, etc. One woman was really, really good. She could balance and seemed to kind of know the next steps. The fans made such a big noise (big, red fans) […]

  • end of the blog?

    It’s true, this blog may change or die soon, not sure really. I wish I did! There was an interesting cloud pattern above Coit Tower and Peter & Paul church this morning. I thought of taking a photo, but sometimes photos reduce the beauty of something. You have to work so hard to get it […]

  • eastern sun

    I woke up early and walked out to the tip of Aquatic pier. The sun was shining from the east, a surprising thing to me since I’m such a night creature, I usually just see the sunset, versus the sunrise. No tourists!!! Fisherman’s Wharf without tourists is like Disneyland (without tourists). Beautiful, quaint, quiet, peaceful. […]

  • SUV flipped

    I’m crossing in front of Aliotos’ office buiding and halfway across the intersection hear a few horns and a crash (glass, the windshield). Look up Columbus, up the hill, and see a SUV fly into the air, flipping. It’s awesome in the horrific, improbably way. Black maybe, a little honda is stalled in the intersection. […]

  • Boob Bus

    The mammography mobile bus was parked outside of Washington Square park. No news, just that it was there. I went through a weird novelistic fantasy that some kids did it just as a prank and one of them found out she actually had a lump. Well, that thought and/or storyline got me as far as […]

  • Effects of Daily Walk

    I always wonder about affect or effect. Went to the doctor to finally lick this cold and now I’m on a 3-drug cocktail. Well, I call it that to spice it up. Seems like the Daily Walk has given me allergies! I can’t be positive but it sure makes sense. In addition to the 1.6 […]

  • back by popular demand.. the Daily Walk!

    Ok this morning, through North Beach, the following was observed. The guy who hoses down the sidewalk on the block with the chocolatier/halfwayhouse/chinese-duty-free stuff, is he paid for by the condo association of the building or the Nail House? The Chinese duty free place caters specifically to Chinese tourists, no one else. All signs in […]