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  • Humidity Makes a Nice Forest

    Before I went to Portland, I wrote this long post that I deleted about problematic feelings regarding that town. Then, I went, had a great time, and now I’m back to thinking of why I don’t live there. So, this is a moment I experienced on the third morning. I dragged my ass up a […]

  • Talking to Kids

    This one story from the road: I read this great Buddhist blog, how once when she was talking to her grandkid she just gave up and talked about poo for an hour. Heck, it’s what he wanted to talk about! On my car trip with 6-year old occupying the rear passenger seat, for 300 miles […]

  • Day 5 & 6: Flat

    Day 5, we drove from to Lincoln, Nebraska to Laramie, Wyoming. Day 6 (today) we drove from Laramie to Wells, Nevada. We just pushed through a record 580 mile day- quite a distance with 3 kids, dog and cat, and we weren’t speeding. One of the hardest part of this trip is finding hotels that […]

  • Day 4: More of the Plains

    Didn’t get off the interstate except for a tiny bit in a small town, Mitchellville, which, becuase of flooding, the main street was closed. Tried for lunch in the next town up- Altoona- and eventually got to a ribs place. It was hard going. Despite being Sunday, most cute, small places were flooded. Tried to […]

  • Day 2 & 3: the Plains

    We started heading into the plains today, from West Virginia to Illinois. West Virginia was unexpectedly beautiful- and then there’s this dread that things are going to get more boring. It’s not boring of course- just different. I have to get out of the car and the interstate and walk around more. I walked on […]

  • Road Trip Day 1: Appalachia

    Just checked the town I’m in – Hancock, Maryland- and I’m 5 minutes from 2 states, Pennsylvania by car (more like 2 minutes, but takes 3 minutes to get out of hotel, driveway), and West Virginia 5 minutes walking. While walking my sister’s dog, realized I could have actually been in West Virginia if I […]