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  • In Memoriam: Roger Richman

    I lost my friend Roger yesterday. He was a kind of uncle to me, he was always there as I grew up. An expert witness in hundreds of court cases regarding how metal stood up under collision, he was a metallurgist trained in the Mining School in New Mexico, and ran a consultancy that contracted […]

  • Biking to Pier 38

    Pull up pant leg, check lights, and generally warm up while biking on flat blocks near Powell, Mason, Chestnut, Francisco, untitil you need to go by the Post Office relay station, eying the 45 on the way to the MUNI depot. Merge quickly onto Bay St., battle Marina girls driving their Audis to the Bay […]

  • San Jose Bike Party!!

    The yell among 3500 people … “bike party!”… total group power, but we frowned on racing through reds, and managed to keep an open lane for cars. My trip started out like a normal Friday in Emeryville. I’d planned earlier that week to try Amtrak down to meet my sister in San Jose. It ended […]

  • Riding the Train

    My first rides with CalTrain were from San Jose/Diridon to Palo Alto, about 20 minutes. I was on a year break from college due to financial issues, and attending San Jose State and Stanford night classes. I had a scam- I’d board at San Jose, and slowly travel up the train, walking, until I reached […]

  • The Wasperly Arts

    (as in, the Sisterly Arts) I decided not to drive down to Monarch Butterfly Heaven this weekend- Pacific Grove, CA, Butterfly Town!- because going there and not being able to enjoy the wasperly arts, tennis & golf, high tea, walks along the sea, would be some form of odd torture. Instead I sit in this […]

  • South Bay Nostalgia: Software Meet-ups

    I have a huge fat soft spot for the South Bay. I drove down last night- 1:10 h:m from Emeryville! – to meet up with some developers who are doing the same kind of work I’m doing for my Business Idea. So many things threw me back to being 16 again. – That it is […]