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  • Don’t Call It An App

    Tell me what you think- wrote an article on “appiness” — no, it’s not a Cockney pronunciation of happiness, but the trend towards ever increasing complexity in online interfaces, that makes them ineffective and “appy”.

  • Converting WAV to MP3

    I keep forgetting this, so here it is for all posterity: afconvert -f mp4f -d aac -b 128000 input.wav output.mp3 I’m working on Bingueau-Android, and need to change literally hundreds of little wav files to mp3. And if you want a little command-line Ruby script to do it in batches: # command line test: # […]

  • An iPhone Developer Learns Android- Some Thoughts

    At first, doing a “Hello World” was quite easy, the hardest part was learning Eclipse (for Mac): – Open Eclipse and don’t worry about opening a project, on the left hand side will be all of your “workspace” projects. – Running (the play button) does an automatic build – Mouseover red squiggly underlines to find […]

  • Joy of Android: Playing Sound

    I do really like Android, unsuspectingly so. It was my New Year’s resolution to finally write an app, and I got this assignment at work to create… the quick business card app. Available in the marketplace. 10 installs in 1 day! Already an upgrade! OK so I decided to port one of our iPhone apps- […]