Sample Koala-Facebook Ruby on Rails App

Posted by banane on January 22nd, 2012 — in facebook, ruby on rails

Back on my old post: “Ruby on Rails and Facebook API (Koala): Basic Example” there was a request for either sample code, or more detail. I’ve setup an app in Github: “Sample Koala Rails Test.”. You can get that code by putting the following on your server: git clone git:// Or, just read it online […]

Ruby on Rails and Facebook API (Koala): Basic Example

Posted by banane on October 13th, 2011 — in facebook, technology

Talking to a developer today about getting her toes wet in Ruby and Facebook. I wrote up this simple example of how to set it up. First, Koala is a lightweight, transparent library for Facebook API calls. I’m pretty happy with it- the developer is very responsive and since I know the Facebook API, it’s […]