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  • Apple Watch- A Mother’s Perspective

    Apple Watch- A Mother’s Perspective

    The Apple Watch has arrived. With a bit more fanfare than the Google Watch. Three identical white boxes housing the watch. Seriously, Apple?

  • How To Interview For Mobile (When Nobody Knows Mobile)

    This Christmas, close to 90% of shopping will occur on a mobile device. Companies are scrambling to get in-house developers. Imagine you’re hiring an in-house team. You’re tired of outsourcing with contractors. You want to be able to walk to someone’s desk and ask them, “Can we do that on Android?” And, in this fantasy, […]

  • Why non-native mobile frameworks suck

    Hm. Opinionated a little? A couple of times, folks ask me: do you know X? And I say, why, no I don’t. I do know the language that X avoids. X is: Objective-C, Java, etc. the list goes on. Tonight at a study group, a friend who had just learned Objective-C agreed with me (I […]

  • Demo Gods Were Not With Us… #iosDevCamp

    My hackfest-programming-partner Stacie Hibino and I submitted ChickenDance to the 2012 iOSDevCamp Hackfest. We were in the first batch called up to demo, and had various network issues that resulted in the much competed for prize: “Best App with Demo Fail.” I had been holding out for a “Had Most Fun Making App” award, but […]

  • Testing? For iPhone? Mooooo….*

    I wrote a blog post about Cedar way back in the day. Now, Xcode ships with OCUnit. I’ll go through a basic way of adding tests to an existing project, as that’s a very common task, and not very well documented thus far. Props to the following blog posts- I’m consolidating their advice basically in […]

  • My Latest Development Mantras

    Maybe, perhaps because I’m an English major, I tend to notice patterns in my speech. So, I noticed recently that I keep saying the same phrases in discussions regarding mobile app development: – secret sauce – no login – no back button – mentoring – phase 2 – did the customer want that – don’t […]

  • iPhone Gradient Buttons, with Highlighting

    My app- Lyrics– is pretty simple graphically. The only real object we have is a button. So, it’s nice to get the most out of my designer, and he has repeatedly been a fan of gradient buttons with a different visual gradient when pressed (highlighted in iPhone talk). While iPhone is great for a lot […]

  • Recording and Playback on both iPhone and Android

    Download on Google Play and on iTunes My goal was to record little snippets on both iPhone and Android, and share those files between users, on Facebook. As usual, I want old Android users (2.2+) and iPhone (3+) users to participate in this app. I originally recorded in iPhone CAF, then realized the file size […]

  • Adding a UITableView to a View, with IB

    I love using Interface Builder– I know, I lose geek points by saying that. So I finally figured out this thing I’d always wanted to do: instead of just using an entire view as a UITableViewController, what if you want to use it like any other UI object, as a object within a View, and […]

  • Don’t Call It An App

    Tell me what you think- wrote an article on “appiness” — no, it’s not a Cockney pronunciation of happiness, but the trend towards ever increasing complexity in online interfaces, that makes them ineffective and “appy”.