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  • iPhone Dev: Editing TableView with a DetailView & Core Data

    As usual, I wish this was written somewhere while I was trying to figure it out. So now that I have, here I write it for posterity (and others struggling with the same issue!). Pretend you have a UITableView list of array items or core data values. You want the user to be able to […]

  • Instances and Methods: iPhone Programming

    My skill level jumped up by leaps and bounds through a few guided reviews of my code with a friend. Here’s what I learned, for posterity and retaining my own lesson, ha. Objective-C has C-styled instance variable initialization and assignment It may be confusing, but I kept seeing code examples that had this: NSArray *imageArray […]

  • Very Simple Animated iPhone App

    I am chugging right along on this application- and, you guessed it, a cootie catcher. The next step is to create a simple animation of the paper toy opening and closing (based on user selection). The task: based upon a button click, animate 3 images to simulate the opening and closing of the toy. Slightly […]

  • Very, Very Simple iPhone App

    I got a very simple iPhone application to work, basically a riff of a great blog post- from Cocoa is my Girlfriend, “Cocoa Touch Tutorial iPhone Application“. The application shows an image based on a button click. 1. Create a project in Xcode, “Cocoa Application”. Name it something, like “Example.” 2. Open up the ExampleAppDelegate.m, […]