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  • Notes from a Geek Mom: On Video games

    Notes from a Geek Mom: On Video games

    My son is 9 and loves video games (what 9 year old doesn’t?) Here are some tips for other parents.

  • Walking away

    Diana sat in the server room, her laptop open and writing documentation on the new setup of the shopping cart software. It was super buggy. She wanted to lean over and fix the script that stood up the shopping cart on websites. She was learning Perl and CGI and started to stand up web sites…

  • how tech inspires me

    how tech inspires me

    I’m going to start off by saying I’m not inspired. After a weekend I planned of relaxing by the sea, I ended up fighting with my son over his addiction to Roblox. I swore off tech, and the Internet, pretty much resoundingly. One key tantrum, by me, was when I tried to rent scooters from…

  • America has lost its savior status

    Upon hearing about Trump’s Immigration Ban, my mind went to what it was to be American, and then, for some reason, Moscow on the Hudson. Sadness that Robin Williams is no longer with us, but mostly because it was just a fragile representation of our nation. How in media and in many peoples’ imagination at…

  • My cat (when she was a kitten)

  • No Social Network Day 29: Bad Internet, Bad

    Today, I can admit that I don’t miss social networks one bit. A good twitterstorm cures you of any last residual feeling. Also, the internet was lame today. Long “feminism 101” conversations on Hacker News. Hacker News, or rather, masses of people down voting, deleted them. (I suspect, no proof). I was disappointed in a…

  • No Social Network Day 28: Social Calculator

    Picture: 1944: IBM co-develops its first computer, the Automated Sequence Controlled Calculator aka Mark I, with Harvard University. It was used by the Navy to calculate gun trajectories. IBM’s illustrated history In this social experiment of going off social networks, I’ve come to realize a certain calculation, or equation, in my head. I will automate…

  • Women Who Code Lightening Talk Tonight!

    Giving a 5- minute talk on “Winning at Hackfests,” a quick look at successes and failures and an introduction to the practice of competitive innovation. Should be fun! PDF here.

  • Radiant Mailer Extension Installation Basics

    I struggled for a while installing this so I thought I’d share the process, in case this helps anyone. Install Plugins, Extensions, etc. Setting Up the Mark-Up Pages Success! Troubleshooting Further Reading & Notes On What’s Out There So Radiant is the great content management system for Ruby on Rails. One basic aspect of any…

  • Welcome, Umlaut!