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I took that without looking- drove in and out of a thunderstorm going South on 1 last Sunday around 3 PM. The air smelled like bad electrical wiring. Huge drops of rain that flew at you horizontally. I kept thinking that it was desert weather, not coastal. I got about 7 voicemails, and called back […]

Top Chef Thoughts

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Before starting a geeky vortex of work, thought I’d remark on Top Chef. After quitting my job, I watched far too much of it- precisely, almost all of Season 3 and Season 4 back to back. Here are my thoughts. 1. Stephanie has the same smile as my friend’s wife Lisa. It’s like they’re separated […]


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Inspired by Top Chef I’ve changed some of the ways I cook. Like, I stop reheating things from Trader Joe’s. I made this dish that had my book club drop-jawed that I had made it, and hadn’t… brought something from Trader Joe’s. We have a rule that you can only bring food mentioned in the […]

Time & Dread

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I had a job I detested once, my first SF job “landed,” as I shelved my airline bag after commuting to Seattle every week for years. I took a pay cut, and didn’t care about who I interviewed with, just happy that I wasn’t commuting. My commute was a walk from North Beach to downtown, […]

Jenny’s Playlist

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Workout playlist for my sister, Jenny, in Baltimore. Includes: cheesy, danceable hip hop, with some fast indie stuff thrown in. Enjoy! Buy inline with iTunes, or click on the sampler on Amazon. Amazon songs work in iTunes fine. First, hip hop warmup: “Yeah!”, by Usher, Ludacris, Lil’ John, on iTunes “Glamorous”, by Fergie, iTunes “The […]

California, Pre-America

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I toured the gardens of the Cooper-Molera family Adobe in downtown Monterey last weekend. It’s always neat to me to think of the pre-American past of California. The Coopers, despite their Anglo name, were half Californios from Mexico/of Spanish descent. Cooper was a captain who married Vallejo’s daughter in former capital of California, Monterey. Cooper […]

Spring Cleaning, cont.

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I got an allerga-cold, the allergies that devolve into a full blown cold, and the culprit, I believe rightly or wrongly, is dust. I can pretty much map directly exposure to large areas of dust (dive bar last week, Library book fair last year, cleaning out garage last spring…) to these alergacolds. The great thing […]


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God I love’em. What says it better than a t-shirt? Oh wait. A bumper sticker.

Year End

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I haven’t really felt like blogging lately because I’ve been overwhelmingly busy with paid work & unpaid work ( I write pieces and then don’t go into depth, and end up deleting them. This goes in waves- at some point I’ll come back to feeling expressive. OK I was over that in a nanosecond. Overheard […]

Notice of Intent

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Ah, if only I’d had this over the last 10 years! I got this from a t-shirt blog. There’s no logic to why I’m reading a t-shirt blog, except that I am on a quest for the perfect t-shirt. This would be very long, light soft material, interesting neckline (not too high!), slightly fitted, and […]