Cootie Catcher (renamed Gypsy) on an iPhone…

Posted by banane on March 2nd, 2010 — in technology

So I’ve reached a milestone, I have the app working on my iPhone. Yay! A movie to prove it’s true (sadly, I can’t demo it on this web page). I’m going to write a post on the next level of Objective-C/Cocoa lessons I learned in the last week, but for now just rejoicing in getting […]

How Cootie Catcher is Made

Posted by banane on February 7th, 2010 — in technology

Cootie Catcher is a game girls play around the world, and is more commonly know contemporarily as Fortune Teller. I have a nostalgic love for the old name, but should probably start using the more boring modern term. Anyways. This is how it is made from a real paper game to a computer game. First […]

Cootie Version 0.02beta

Posted by banane on February 7th, 2010 — in technology

There was an 0.01 but it never made it off my local system. SO … here is a working version! . Enjoy and please offer feedback. More info on what this is about, here. Make It Simple… Went to a great talk on Thursday by GirlGeek Dinners, and Women2.0 on mobile applications. One message and […]

Cootie Catcher

Posted by banane on February 4th, 2010 — in feminism, technology

At She’s Geeky last weekend, I put up a sign to propose a talk: “Cootie Catcher, Games for Girls.” I was running late from other sessions and ran over the semi-circle of chairs and a white board in the center of the room. There I noticed 4 or so girls that had been waiting for […]

Inspiring Makers- and Getting Inspired, Our GHC Hardware Hackathon Workshop

Posted by banane on October 17th, 2015 — in hackathons, technology

Stacie & I making sure we’re on the room’s agenda… and we are! At the 12,000 participant Grace Hopper Convention in Houston, TX last week, we conducted a hackathon-with-a-workshop. Stacie Hibino (@staciehibino) and I helped 250+ participants manipulate a simple LED circuit kit into a prototype or actual product. Our competition was stiff for that […]

Notes From the Classroom- TA’ing at High School Comp Sci

Posted by banane on August 4th, 2011 — in technology

This cartoon is from one of our feedback surveys I spent the day TA’ing for my friend’s class. Sarah Mei taught an Intro to Ruby class for 6 hours to 12 high school senior girls. They were in a 4-day intense engineering stay-away camp, that they’d done for four successive years. They take girls freshman […]

Mobile Projects

Posted by banane on September 9th, 2010 — in

In Store Pet To Give You get 3 adorable pets to pet each session, which converts to kibble for sheltered animals. 2 sessions a day, by PickAxe Mobile for The GreaterGood. Smiley Faces Click the different smiley face! Cute, quick game. PickAxe Mobile ThinkNote Play music with your mind! Use an electrode headset to convert […]

Teaching Kids to Program

Posted by banane on June 22nd, 2010 — in technology

OK, I sat down my niece and nephew before bed, and we had a little period of Intro to Programming. It lasted about 15 minutes. Not their fault at all. I talked to my sister-the-educator about it later and she nodded knowingly. I wasn’t prepared. So I’ve written up the final-state program here. It’s a […]

iPhone Projects

Posted by banane on May 20th, 2010 — in iphone dev

I have a few apps that are open source & the code is available: CootieCatcher Currently in store. This is a “teach girls to program” game, it’s a release. Using Core Data and some basic animation to create a fortune-telling game. I’m the only developer. Le Bingueau A bingo game to help you […]

Very Simple Animated iPhone App

Posted by banane on February 26th, 2010 — in iphone dev, technology

I am chugging right along on this application- and, you guessed it, a cootie catcher. The next step is to create a simple animation of the paper toy opening and closing (based on user selection). The task: based upon a button click, animate 3 images to simulate the opening and closing of the toy. Slightly […]