Ephemera Demo

Posted by banane on June 20th, 2010 — in iphone dev

This is the live presentation of our iPad app, Ephemera, from hack/hackers event a month ago. Thanks so much to Rich for the filming and editing! It’s *so nice* to be able to listen to the judges without the panic of being onstage, I have to say. It’s kind of painful to see such a […]

Pumping Up Ephemera

Posted by banane on June 14th, 2010 — in iphone dev

So doing some work lately on Ephemera- that’s the iPad app that consolidates local museum media on a Google Maps interface, so you can get a timeline view of your city. What have I done? – Created the timeline! Now you can scroll over time and view all of the media. – Click over to […]

Ephemera: iPad App

Posted by banane on May 24th, 2010 — in iphone dev

My project partner Stacy Bond (that’s Bond, Stacy Bond) and I built and presented our iPad app at Hack/Hackers Unite this weekend. Our project? “Ephemera” an overlay of the map of SF with local trivia/history. The app locates you, and shows all of the annotations for local treasures around you. You can also click over […]

Mobile Projects

Posted by banane on September 9th, 2010 — in

In Store Pet To Give You get 3 adorable pets to pet each session, which converts to kibble for sheltered animals. 2 sessions a day, by PickAxe Mobile for The GreaterGood. Smiley Faces Click the different smiley face! Cute, quick game. PickAxe Mobile ThinkNote Play music with your mind! Use an electrode headset to convert […]

Betty G: Chapter 4

Posted by banane on November 13th, 2008 — in betty g

(A novel in progress) I sat in two different cafes escaping the Internet so I could race through this book. First, at Cafe Capriccio in the sunshine, laughing out loud at parts, talking to a neighbor about it. He had read it 30 years prior. When I admitted I was laughing, he was surprised. “There’s […]