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In Store

Shop – eCommerce RealReal app
Complete online shopping experience app for The RealReal, including push notifications on watchable categories, and filtering. Completed beta and released two version to store, which have been removed. Completed version 2, which has not posted yet.
iPhone app for The RealReal, helping direct consignment of fashion and luxury items to the online store. Quickly created this app to help incoming supply and to advertise the site in the store. Created the first Facebook integration for this company, and implemented an easy api server and back-end to support consignment. This app was the basis for a larger iPad app. iPad app is not downloadable- it is an internal employee app, distributed as Enterprise.

iPhone app – creating activity dates between friends, and friends of friends, through Facebook.

Zero1 Art Festival
iPhone/Android app for large San Jose art festival. Contains event, artist, map, interactive art appreciation app “react” and visualization festival traffic app.

iPhone/iPad (universal) singing game! Enter a word, and post to Facebook. Get a word challenge from a friend, think of a song, sing it into the app, and post to Facebook for your friends to listen to. Listen to songs posted by your friends on Facebook. As you can see, deep linking, and other native iOS goodies, integrated with Facebook.

The Torah
iPhone/iPad app (universal) that plays video from the G-Dcast archive of beautiful animated stories from the Old Testament. Full social network integration and leveraging a database of storytellers and episodes. Also, plays the appropriate week’s parsha (episode) upon launch.
Chinese Bingo
More in the Bingueau line (foriegn-language learning games), this toggles between simplified Chinese and Pinyin.
Spanish bingo
Language learning game, to learn Spanish (Bingueau game family)

Swedish bingo
Language learning game, to learn Swedish (In the Bingueau game family).

Russian Bingo
Russian bingo game- learn Russian, while playing a game! (Bingueau game family)

French bingo game- learn French, while playing a game!

Kids can make their own Cootie Catcher game. Kids can customize the fortunes, a feature Easter egg or secret. Active game has been in the store for 3 years, not requiring an update.

Open Source Games, Hackfets and Projects

Bacon Unicorn
HTML5 mobile app that uses AT & T’s MMS messaging system to uplaod and view photos sent from specific geographical locations. Location services, AT & T SDK for MMS

Fan feedback in live MLB games – not open source, ongoing development. Presented at AngelHack 2012.

Artwork feedback app, in native iOS. Presented at Hackfest, Zero1 “HackFlux”

Currently licensed by Zero1 Biennial art festival in San Jose, ongoing development.
Play the classic Pong game with a huge crowd. Really.

DicePad and DiceCup
Throw a dice from iPhone to iPad

Museum photography maps overlay

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