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Holiday Preparations

For many of us in email marketing the challenge will be not bending to the whims of random, rushed requests from individual marketers who are not keeping the customer’s entire contact history in mind. Instead of inundating them with sale after sale, free shipping, 10% off, all the offers we can think of, think of the customer’s inbox and how it appears week after week. Is there a progression? Is it a fire sale? Does it help the man or woman preparing for Christmas or push them to unsubscribe so early in the season that you never reap later orders? Here’s 7 tips for this holiday season:

1) Don’t increase throughput. Basically, don’t abandon a perfectly good email strategy because of last minute pressures to be in the black. Increasing contact is especially bad during this period when almost all shoppers get very stressed out. This is a long term strategy argument so it’s rarely effective to new marketers, but to experienced marketers with the customer’s full lifecycle in mind, it makes sense. It’s hard to convince folks that the early cash win now means less customers later on, but it’s so true.

2) If you have time and energy, make your transactional emails festive. Yes, I know that the joy of these are low costs, and this increases costs, but it is a way of communicating the spirit of the holidays and getting more buzz without increasing throughput. These will be more worth the cost too, as the clickthroughs are higher with transactional emails.

3) For the last few emails before the end of the period, focus your offers on operations and order processing. Everyone does free shipping for a reason. The holidays are tough for consumers, and you’re going to be getting a lot more new customers or lapsed customers that are unaware of how to order, ship, and require tips on all of these. Make promotions that help with the process of shopping.

4) Don’t focus entirely on Christmas. A diverse and open-ended holiday can be enjoyed by many. You can also regionally segment messages- more diverse in higher concentration populations and more traditional in remoter areas.

5) After the shipping deadline, 12/21, highlight in-store or retail purchases for last minute shopping, if you’re an online with instore abilities.

6) Series emails are great. Ramp up expectation and single out your email amongst your competitors by making a countdown, or other themes series of marketing campaigns. This is more in the old style of advertising of thinking of a campaign as a series of promotions instead of just single unrelated blasts.

7) This is more of a reminder- get metrics from the last few months as a baseline, and get metrics from last year. Check your metrics as you head into the season to determine if this year seems better or worse than last. With sophisticated email vendors and analysis systems you should be able to do this very “live.”

With a good strategy this can make your year more in the black than you can hope for.


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Written on Thursday, 06. September 2007 at 19:31 In the category campaigns, strategy. Follow the comments via RSS here: RSS-Feed. Share on FriendFeed

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