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Here are a few interesting campaign ideas from my inbox this morning:

“Recently Purchased Reviews.” They offer user feedback on their products, so they send me a list of most recent purchases with links back to the site. This is a great way of getting customers to return and be more active with you.

“Getting Started With your iPhone” They do a follow-up email right after the order and instructs me on common tips on how to use the iPhone. This can be extended to any real product- you bought a TV, a subscriptions, etc. It’s a great “welcome” email, but not only for new visitors or subscribers, but for any purchase. A follow-up on education rarely seems pushy or promotional, too.

Pottery Barn Kids
“Online Exclusive” I’m a big sucker for online exclusives. It funnels sails to a lower cost outlet, and pushes to purchase with the timed incentive.

“Memorial Email” Sad occasion- the founder’s death- but also nice that they issued a commemorative memorial email. Product releases, change in location, and transitions that are interesting to the customer base, could all be communicated via a tasteful simple note. It was a nicely worded email with comments from other professionals, and highlighted the ways the company has been true to the original vision. Very nicely done, and as a fan of Peet’s coffee I was interested in his life, such as, how he pronounced his name- Payt- versus how we all pronounce the company name.

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  2. I am also planning an email campaign and these articles really helped. Thanks

    Comment: Nithya – 24. March 2010 @ 7:44 pm

  3. We do email campaigns. I will be sure to include some exclusive online offers next time. That is a great strategy. Thanks.

    Comment: Graphic Design Brisbane – 04. July 2010 @ 10:12 pm

  4. Actually respectable write-up .. simple and concise.

    Comment: Scott Wirebaugh – 04. July 2012 @ 9:06 pm

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