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Adventures in Email Marketing Recognized in Top 20 List

Thanks Mark! This blog, Adventures in Email Marketing, was selected as one of the “Top 20 Email Marketing Information Resources.

I started this blog in March 2007, based on the advice of my friend and SEO expert, Andreas Ramos (position2). I wrote a post about starting the blog, of course, and here it is: “Why Start a Professional Blog?” In the post I present a few tips on how to make a successful blog. I think becoming part of this Top 20 list proves that post too! Being part of the email marketing blog community means more than just posting on topic. To me, it means continuing a kind of dialogue with other specialists that all have their unique points of view.

What People Read On Adventures in Email Marketing
- Review of 10 Emails With Images Off. Outlook announced it was suppressing images in January. In June, I found that most major emailers were still quite sloppy about designing for images-off.
- Creative Campaign Ideas. A quick review of my inbox and some emails of note that were beyond the usual email campaign ideas.
- Gmail and Email Marketing . How Gmail is a very, very stringent technical requirement for email design, and methods and techniques to get around it.

What I *Think* They Should Read
- Email Design for iPhones. Mobile mail has been difficult for a while now. With the spread of more iPhones, and the tough requirements of Gmail, I’ve noticed many issues that email marketers should consider to get this early adopter customer segment.
- Why Bulk is Bad. Companies still want to send big blasts to get the big money. What they’re missing out on is lower costs and even higher revenue percentages. This is the argument of why transactional emails are better than bulk, but seen from the bulk viewpoint.
- Splitting the Email System- Inhouse and Outsourced. A client wants to bring the entire outsourced email system inhouse. What I’m proposing is a mixed solution: inhouse and outsourced.

Other Blogs That Read Adventures in Email Marketing
MailChimp: An email provider down in Australia, MailChimp says it like it is. Their advice on email templates and deliverability is excellent.
Al Iverson at Exact Target Email Marketing Solutions . Another email vendor that gets to the nitty gritty on deliverability.
Mark Brownlow over at Email Marketing Reports, of course. I don’t know where Mark finds the time, but his blog is a great review of what’s going on in the space of email marketing blogs.
and Janine Popick over at Vertical Response. Jane’s also got a lot of great insights into the more marketing side of email marketing.

Email Marketing Blogs I Read
I subscribe to these blogs with Bloglines. If you don’t RSS already, you really should, it’s highly efficient.

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  1. Great post Anna. You have Lots of fantastic information for everyone who has questions about SEO marketing. Keep up the good work.


    Comment: roblugo69 – 02. October 2007 @ 1:28 pm

  2. Hi Anna,

    I love Adventures in Email Marketing and find it’s a great source! I especially liked the Review of 10 campaigns with images off. Keep up the good work!


    Comment: Kelly Rusk – 04. October 2007 @ 8:29 am

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