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Personalization Done Right, Somewhat

I’ve been watching MyShape for a while, and they just sent me this today:

Hi Anna,

I know you hear from us at myShape almost every week. But I don’t think you’ve made a purchase yet. May I ask you a couple of questions? What can we do to make shopping at myShape a better experience? What are we missing?

Did you know that you receive $25 off your first purchase? Just enter FM***** in the promo code box on your first purchase. And since you have your own shop already, shipping and returns are free.

Let us know how we can help. All feedback is helpful. We appreciate it all.

Always listening, always learning,


I like that they tell me what they know about me, basic personalization, right off the bat. It’s not creepy, it’s targeted and relevant. I haven’t bought yet, they give me an incentive, voila. Great email.

It hasn’t always been so rosy. They do a classically lame personalized email every week. They say “Hi Anna” but they don’t use the vast amount of personal data about me to tailor a good email. Their business is being a personal shopper- so they have my measurements and know what looks good on me, most times better than I do. They could say: here is our new inventory for your body shape. No. What do they do? Show me all new arrivals!


As a consumer, I’m not interested in what P’s can buy. I am an A, and I want to know what they have for A’s, especially as their inventory is pretty slim.

I wrote her a long time ago about how she could easily customize content for her customers. She hasn’t written back- so I kind of cracked up when I read her three entreaties for feedback. Basically, if you’re going to setup a feedback channel, you better be prepared for feedback.

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